From Prince George to Prince Charles of Luxembourg, here are the most influential royal heirs

The Royal Families of Europe keep growing and with each new arrival, the familial legacies continue. Meet the next generation of Royals who will one day take over the throne.

Royal Family heirs Prince Jacques of Monaco Princess Estelle of Sweden Prince Charles of Luxembourg Prince George
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Royal Family heirs Prince Jacques of Monaco Princess Estelle of Sweden Prince Charles of Luxembourg Prince George

Inheriting property, valuables and money from your parents is a cool feeling but imagine inheriting the constitutional and representational duties of your country. Pretty cool, right? Those fortunate enough to be born into a Royal Family would get to take over the throne from their elders.

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When King George VI passed away, the throne was taken over by Queen Elizabeth II and after a long wait of 73 years, King Charles - who is predicted to face a grim future - got his chance to take over the throne. The younger generation of these European families Royals may not have to wait that long to take over.

The top 4 most influential heirs

It is expected that even if the parents of these next-generation royals have a long reign, their kids would still get to the throne sooner than our King Charles. Let’s get to know these next-generation Royals:

Prince Jacques of Monaco

The 9-year-old is the younger child of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene. Born on December 10, 2014, Prince Jacques has an elder sister, Gabriella, who was born two minutes before him. Despite being younger, he would take over the throne as Monaco is still one of the few countries in Europe still governed by male-preference primogeniture. Meaning, that the son inherits the throne over any older sisters.

Both the twins were first shown to the world on January 7, 2015, and the date has since become recognised as a public holiday in Monaco. The little prince is often seen with his family on multiple occasions with the latest one being his mother’s birthday, reports People Magazine.

Princess Estelle of Sweden

Princess Estelle will one day take over the throne of Sweden after her mother Crown Princess Victoria takes over the throne. Estelle became the firstborn child to the heir of the throne as her birth was celebrated with two rounds of twenty-one gun salutes. Her Royal lineage is quite incredible as it includes King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

According to the Sweden’s Royal Family Website, the change in the 1979 Act of Succession made it possible for Estelle to inherit the throne rather than her younger brother. Her first royal engagement was in 2014 at just two years old when she opened a 'fairytale path' at Linköping Castle.

Prince Charles of Luxembourg

The next heir of Luxembourg is the oldest child of Grand Duke Henri - HRH Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume. The heir to the throne is Prince Charles of Luxembourg - son of Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie. The second in line was born on May 10, 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prince Charles was born at Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Hospital in Luxembourg City and weighed 3.190kg. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, his grandparents were first introduced to Prince Charles over a video call, reports MailOnline. The Royal Family of Luxembourg also welcomed their first baby of 2024 - a new baby boy named Balthasar Felix Karl.

Prince George

How could one talk about the next generation of Royals and leave out Prince George? The second in line to the British throne is one of the most popular next-generation royals in the world but not more than his sister - Princess Charlotte.

Born on July 22, 2013, at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London, Prince George is the eldest son of Prince William and Princess Catherine. After Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Prince George gained more limelight thanks to his number in the line of succession. He will be turning 11 this year and soon he will go through the British family’s education tradition - a decision Kate Middleton is not particularly happy about.

Prince George is often seen with his family on multiple royal engagements but his first public appearance was in 2015 on the balcony of Buckingham Palace following Trooping the Colour. Reportedly, his appearance on the balcony stole the show with an adorable expression just like Prince Louis’ did year later.

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