Try this sex position for maximum pleasure with minimum effort

This sex position guarantees miles of intense pleasure without the same amount of effort in strength or technique.

Are you one of those people who regularly like to be adventurous and explore new things under the sheets with your partner? But do you also dislike the complexity of trying a new sex position and are afraid of injury? Then this sex position is exactly for you!

This sex position is called ‘best seat in the house’

How do you go about achieving this position effectively? As per LoveHoney, the penetrating partner sits on a chair with their knees together and only the tips of their feet touch the ground. The body should be leaning against the support of the chair. The penetrated partner positions themselves with their back to the first one, straddles them by spreading their legs and leans their body forward.

This sex position is guaranteed to give you maximum pleasure with minimum effort Анастасия Фризен GETTY_IMAGES

Once in place, the partner on top can take control of the rhythm of the lovemaking by alternating between slow and fast thrusts, or by playing with the angle of the penetration. This maximises the pleasure and the couple can take advantage of this particularly stable and comfortable position to stimulate each other and explore their partner's erogenous zones with their hands relatively free.

An effective position

Be aware, however, that if you choose a more vigorous penetration, you may need to use your hands to maintain the stability and balance required for this position. The partner on top can then let their hands rest on the thighs of the second partner, while the latter can hold onto the waist of the penetrator to speed up the pace.

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