Best sex positions to squirt like a fountain

Having a penis is not the only requirement for ejaculation.

No one really knows what fraction of vagina-owners can achieve this special kind of O, but it’s definitely not as elusive as it seems. This unique type of ejaculation is called squirting and lucky for you, it’s not a talent but a skill that you can train yourself to do during sex or when you’re feeling particularly self-indulgent.

What is squirting?

People normally have an unrealistic expectations of how squirting really goes down. Most imagine the vagina to be just like a garden hose that unleashes a powerful, uncontrollable stream of liquid in one go. In reality, the flow will never be as strong as a hose but the concept is more or less the same. When you stimulate the right place, and press all the correct buttons—normally the g-spot—clear liquid will come gushing out of the vaginal canal and it’s accompanied with a sensational orgasm.

How do you turn on your own hose?

The magic may lie in the g-spot, but first you have to awaken that organ by playing around with your clitoris. Gently rub your little nub to arouse the g-spot, and venture into the vaginal cave with your other fingers to find its location.

Sex educator Anne-Charlotte Desruelle told Cosmopolitan that the g-spot should be 0.5 to 2 inches inside your vagina, from the entrance, and it'll be on the vaginal wall that is closest to your stomach. Once you’ve hit the jackpot, don’t rush into it. Slowly massage the area and bask in the pleasure. The more you work on it, the more arousal will increase until suddenly you may feel like you have to pee. Many times, the urge to squirt is very similar to the feeling you get before you go to the loo. So, don’t stop if you feel this way. Keep going until the deed is done.

Sex positions for squirting

Squirting is a type of orgasm that you can also achieve through penetration. Here are the two of the best sex positions to turn on your vaginal pistol.

  • Doggy style: In this position the penis or sex toy is closest to the vaginal wall that is towards the stomach, so the chances of you stimulating your g-spot are much higher than in other positions.
  • Cowgirl: This position allows the partner possessing the vagina to have all the control. So, they can position the penis and their body to make sure all the right places are getting hit.
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