There Are Two Types Of People When It Comes To Post-Sex Habits

There Are Two Types Of People When It Comes To Post-Sex Habits

A recent study has detailed couples' habits after having sex. It seems that none of us are very original, we almost all have the same tendencies.

After getting hot and heavy between the sheets, are you more likely to fall asleep or are you determined to do other things? According to a recent study by Pure Romance, there are two groups of people. The company that produces sex toys and other adult items surveyed more than 2000 people. The most frequently asked question was what do you do after making love?

Straight to sleep or engage in ‘pillow talk?’

The majority of respondents (64%) opted to go straight to sleep after getting it on. Others though still take the time to cuddle and prolong this moment of comfort (44%) and 32% take advantage of this intimate time for some ‘pillow talk.’ Of course, these are not the only things to do after hooking up. Some jump in the shower to get rid of all the accumulated sweat, others are hungry afterwards and go looking for something to eat (10%).

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Daisy Jones
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