As it turns out, people are having less sex during lockdown

You may think that couples who are cooped up together for two months might have nothing better to do than frolic in their bedsheets all day but as it turns out, lockdown is actually killing peoples sex drives.

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Lying around the house with nothing to do but straight-up abuse your Netflix account isn't such the turn on we once thought it would be. Reports have shown that people are actually having less sexduring lockdown.

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While this may be a case of not being able to hook up on a night out and Tinder dates being now unachievable despite the fact that it has been rung dry with only the thirsty and the nasty left, a study shows that only 40% of adults arehaving sex once a week.

The survey was conducted with 868 adults found that only 39.9% of adults had done the deed once in the previous 7 days. The researchers who conducted the survey noted that younger males, those who were married and those who drank had higher reports of sexual activity. While couples undoubtedly were at better odds to start with, alcohol drinkers might shed a little light on housemates hooking up. That, we all know is never a good idea.

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The authors of the study have recognised the lack of easy access to sex during lockdown for those who are single but they also believe that lockdown has been ruining our libidos. Dr Lee Smith of Angila Ruskin University stated:

When starting this research we expected there to be a high level of sexual activity while social isolating at home, but interestingly we found a very low level. This low level of sexual activity could be explained by people currently feeling anxious and stressed owing to the pandemic and not being in the mood to engage in the act.

Smith continued:

Moreover, those who are not married or cohabiting may not currently be able to meet up with their sexual partners and similarly, those who use online apps to facilitate casual sex will currently not be able to do this. A lot of my previous research has shown that a frequent and trouble-free sex life is important for higher levels of enjoyment of life and general mental health, and this is particularly true for older adults. However, this study showed that older adults were less likely than younger adults to engage in sexual activity.

We all know thebenefits of sex and it is possible that by engaging in more private time with your cohabitator might actually result in less stress and anxiety. But, we all know life just isn't that easy.

Virtual sex activity increased during lockdown, study finds Virtual sex activity increased during lockdown, study finds