Scientists have revealed the best day to 'do the dirty'

Having sex isn’t normally something that we plan. However, researchers have been wondering about when the best day for a bit of rough and tumble is. And here is what they’ve come up with.

If there’s one activity that we tend not to plan, it’s sex. However, if you want the odds to be in your favour and your sexual exploits to be memorable, we suggest Sunday.

This is the result of a very serious study from 2017. How did they carry out this study? Researchers looked at the habits of 2000 adults by asking them which day they have the most sex.

Result? Sunday morning! This can be explained by the fact that we are generally more relaxed on the weekend than during the week. As sexologist Alix Fox explained in an interview with The Independent:

People are relaxed, and have more time in their hands.

Another study didn’t look into the ideal day to have sex, but the ideal time instead. This study was carried out by Forza Supplements who asked 1000 people the question and confirmed what has already been explained above. The morning is the best time of day to have sex and the study even revealed that the first 45 minutes after you wake up is the best time.

And this can be explained by the fact that on a morning, your energy levels are their highest after a good night’s sleep, which will also help your partner to last longer. The rush of endorphins triggered by sex reduces high blood pressure and stress levels and makes you feel a lot calmer for the rest of the day.

We’ll leave it to you to test it out!

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