Doctors reportedly sign petition claiming Donald Trump might be suffering from dementia

According to some doctors, Donald Trump's latest blunders could indicate that he might suffer from memory problems, or even dementia.

Donald Trump doctors confusion dementia rumours
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Donald Trump doctors confusion dementia rumours

Donald Trump's linguistic and cognitive deficits appear to be worsening, according to a report in Focus. During a recent event in Ohio, he apparently displayed a confused way of speaking, digressing from the topic and making puzzling statements.

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Trump's frequent slips of the tongue

Trump even recently claimed that Joe Biden defeated Barack Obama in the swing states. Renowned psychiatrist Dr. John Gartner, known for his contributions to the book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, sees this behaviour as a sign of major problems with Trump's ability to process communication and information correctly, Focus continues.

Hundreds of medical professionals have apparently signed a petition in which they claim Donald Trump is likely to be diagnosed with dementia. Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Zoffman suspects that Trump's symptoms could be consistent with behavioral variants of frontotemporal dementia (FTD).

The 77-year-old shows abnormalities

Due to observed changes in the ex-president's speech patterns, his cognitive concentration and social behavior, Dr Zoffman recommends a comprehensive examination by neurologists who specialize in FTD, according to Focus.

And there are other people speaking out. Dr. Lance Dodes, a psychoanalyst emeritus of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and former professor at Harvard Medical School, was recently quoted by the Duty To Warn association, according to Newsweek.

Concerns about his mental health

This institution is apparently also concerned about Trump's mental health. In his statement, Dr. Dodes refers to a 1967 mechanism that allows a president to be removed from office for incompetence. He is quoted by Newsweek as follows:

If he were to become president, he would have to be removed from office immediately under the 25th Amendment because he is dangerously incapable of fulfilling the duties of the office.

In an additional statement published at the same time, a psychologist from New York, Dr Suzanne Lachmann, says that Trump 'apparently forgets how the sentence begins and invents something in the middle', resulting in an 'incomprehensible word salad'.

According to Newsweek, this is a behaviour that is 'often observed in patients with dementia'. Of course, these statements are remote diagnoses and only serve to make assumptions.

On the other hand, however, this could actually affect a worry that the 77-year-old has, according to the Frankfurter Rundschau. His father Fred suffered from Alzheimer's disease. According to media reports, Trump showed little patience with his father at the time.

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