Brigitte Macron: Former President François Hollande gave her this nickname

François Hollande and his wife Julie Gayet are said to have given the current First Lady of France a not very flattering nickname.

François Hollande Brigitte Macron nickname
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François Hollande Brigitte Macron nickname

Journalists Ava Djamshidi and Nathalie Schuck, authors of the book Madame la Présidente about Brigitte Macron, published in 2019, reveal the unflattering nickname that ex-President François Hollande and Julie Gayet are said to have given the First Lady.

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The First Lady becomes the center of attention

Although she suspected that her life would take a different turn when she became First Lady, the wife of Emmanuel Macron, President of France since 2017, did not have to expect such a flood of 'violence' against her, according to Gala.

Her political involvement alongside her famous husband is the subject of much speculation of all kinds, as is her private life.

Brigitte Macron wants to serve France

Nevertheless, life at the side of the head of state spurs her on. The former French teacher would not trade her position as First Lady for anything in the world. On July 10, 2020, Brigitte Macron explained in an interview with France Info:

When you are the wife of the head of state, you have duties. It's five years of a lifetime. I do it with my heart.

'La Vieille': the terrible nickname of ex-President Hollande

Even though, according to the authors of Madame la Présidente, she puts her heart and soul into her work, Brigitte Macron was given a rather cruel nickname.

The name given to her by former President François Hollande and his current wife and French actress Julie Gayet, is 'La Vieille' meaning 'the old one'.

An age difference that provides plenty to talk about

In everyday life, Brigitte Macron and Julie Gayet are said to have no contact with each other at all. The First Lady is said to have only met François Hollande's wife at the tribute to the singer Johnny Hallyday in the Madeleine Church in Paris and at the admission of the politician Simone Veil to the Paris Pantheon.

However, this did not stop the actress and her then partner François Hollande from making fun of the age difference between the young head of state Emmanuel Macron and the former high school teacher. The authors write:

Before the presidential elections, many guests heard her laugh when she explained that Emmanuel Macron absolutely had to run in 2017 because his wife would be too old in 2022.

Twenty-four years age difference for the French first couple

Emmanuel and Brigitte have a secure place in the list of celebrity couples with a large age difference. At thebeginning of her romance with Emmanuel Macron, the family of the current First Lady is even said to have received death threats due to the age difference according to Femme Actuelle.

However, at the time of the incidents in the 1990s, the former teacher, who was always keen to project the image of a strong woman, preferred to overlook them. Brigitte Macron's unconventional life still captivates many people today.

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