Brigitte Macron has been spotted on the set of Emily in Paris as they film season 4

If she wanted to go unnoticed, it didn't work! Brigitte Macron was photographed on the set of a hit American series.

Brigitte Macron Emily in Paris
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Brigitte Macron Emily in Paris

We all know that Brigitte Macron is a great fan of fashion, as evidenced by her many looks, each more chic than the last, from the world's greatest couturiers. But she's also very attached to culture. This has come out in a surprising way over the last few days...

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Brigitte Macron spotted on set

Indeed, the First Lady was spotted on the set of a Netflix series. And it wasn't, as we would have guessed, a documentary or a serious French film. Brigitte Macron was seen on the set of season 4 of... Emily in Paris. Yes, yes, you read that right! On April 2, 2024, Emmanuel Macron's wife was with the cast of Emily in Paris as they filmed near Place de la Madeleine, in the heart of the French capital.

This information was made public by the Daily Mail and ELLE. Photographers were at the Place de la Madeleine and snapped the First Lady alongside some of the faces we know and love from the show. Brigitte Macron, Lily Collins and producer Darren Star had already met at the Élysée in December 2022, it was reported. Indeed, Brigitte has previously been described as a 'huge fan' of the series. this has surprised many, given that it doesn't always shed the French in the best light! However, it seems that the First lady has taken the show's quips as well-intentioned humour and is now even getting involved at some level.

What role will she play?

So, France's First Lady has been spotted on set. But will Brigitte Macronreally be part of the Season 4 cast?Will she play herself in the blockbuster? Or is she just paying a courtesy call on the set? For the moment, no further information on this subject has been leaked. So there's only one thing we can say: the mystery is yet to be solved!

In sadder news, Brigitte Macron was recently the victim of transphobic rumors. The right-wing conservative commentator Candace Owens weighed in on this debate in March, stating: 'I would stake my entire professional reputation on the fact that Brigitte Macron is indeed a man.' Thankfully, this doesn't seem to have dampened Brigitte's spirits or prevented her from cracking on with her life. We would love to see her star in the show!

Getting back to Emily in Paris, season 4 is being filmed now because this won't be possible during the summer months while the Olympics take place in Paris. It could become available in December 2024, following the show's previous release pattern. We can't wait to see whether the First Lady of France really does feature in it!

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