Who is Emily, Peter Andre's wife?

Peter Andre is set to welcome his fifth child next year and his third from his wife Emily Andre. How did they meet? And what does she do?

Peter Andre wife Emily Andre
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Peter Andre wife Emily Andre

Emily Andre was born Emily MacDonagh on August 16, 1989, in Taunton. She is a qualified medical doctor. Emily has become increasingly recognized for her health advice contributions on ITV's Lorraine and hosting travel segments on This Morning.

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How Did Peter Andre Meet His Wife Emily?

Their love story began in an unconventional way, as Peter Andre was introduced to Emily through her father, who is also a doctor. Peter was scheduled to perform at the Plymouth Pavilions when he was suddenly taken to the hospital due to excruciating pain caused by kidney stones. It was in this moment of distress that Emily's father, a consultant urologist, treated him.

This experience brought Peter close to the MacDonagh family, and when he returned to perform in Plymouth, he was introduced to Emily. Over time, a spark between them grew. However, their initial interactions were more about friendship than romance, as Peter was navigating life as a single father after his high-profile divorce from Katie Price, focusing on his children, Princess and Junior.

Eventually, Peter gathered the courage to ask Emily's father for permission to take her out on a date. In 2012, their relationship became public as they attended a premiere of Magic Mike together.

When Did the Couple Get Married?

After approximately a year of dating, Emily and Peter announced that they were expecting their first child together. During this period, viewers got to know Emily better as she appeared with Peter on his reality show, My Life. She endeared herself to Pete's fans with her sweet and gentle personality and her warm relationship with his children.

Peter proposed to Emily on New Year's Eve in 2013, in their baby nursery, just days before the birth of their daughter, Amelia, in 2014. The couple tied the knot in a grand ceremony in July 2015 at Mamhead House in Exeter. The wedding was a joyous occasion, with Peter expressing his happiness, saying:

'I couldn't have wished for a better day. I've married the love of my life, and I couldn't be happier.

How Many Children Do the Couple Have?

Peter and Emily have two children together, Amelia, born on January 7, 2014, and Theo, born on November 22, 2016. They have a third child on the way, as they joyfully announced in October 2023. The couple shared this news with their followers on Instagram, expressing their excitement about the newest addition to their family.

Peter Andre also has two children from his previous marriage to KatiePrice, named Junior and Princess. Peter and Emily's approach to their family life reflects their desire to keep their children's lives as private as possible. They've made a conscious effort to protect their children from the media spotlight, and this decision extends to how their children appear in public and on social media. Emily has spoken out against the cruel and judgmental comments that can be made about children's appearances and the rise of body insecurities, making her commitment to their privacy even more meaningful.

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