Katie Price slashes OnlyFans subscription fee by 50%

Katie Price has announced a one-month flash sale on her OnlyFans account after news broke out that she postponed her bankruptcy hearing for the second time.

Katie Price: Beauty model avoids jail and slashes her OnlyFans price by half
© KatiePrice
Katie Price: Beauty model avoids jail and slashes her OnlyFans price by half

Katie Price has gotten out of jail for the second time in the past few weeks. After being declared bankrupt in 2019, the 43-year-old was set to explain her attempts to repay £2.3 million to a High Court judge on February 14. However, she failed to show up at the virtually held court session. Katie had her bankruptcy hearing postponed for a second time after agreeing to an 11th-hour deal to repay the money.

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At Katie’s request, a November hearing was cancelled, and the most recent court session was pushed out until April. According to a spokesman for the Insolvency Court, the hearing will not take place until April, as the judge consented to a postponement after a request was made to the court. It comes on the heels of the former glamour model slashing the price of her OnlyFans content by 50%.

Not so pricey Price

When she first joined the site last month, fans had to pay £11 a month to see her photos. However, in an attempt to entice more subscribers, she has now lowered the fee to £5.50. Katie is said to have struggled to build a fan base on the x-rated website, where users generally charge supporters a fee to view explicit videos. As such, she has announced a one-month flash sale to get more people to sign up for her pay-for-access images.

Katie published a photo of herself sitting in a wicker chair wearing white underpants and a fluffy pink cardigan on social media on Sunday evening. She made the following announcements on Twitter and Instagram:

ALERT! 50% sale on my OnlyFans now!

Katie's monthly subscription fee has gone down to £5.50 with this special deal accessible to subscribers for the next 28 days. Price's bankruptcy trustees are claimed to have created a dossier of TV, magazine, and newspaper deals to exhibit in the Insolvency Court in London ahead of her hearing.

Hollow opulence

Despite owing millions, Katie lives a lavish lifestyle, including numerous exotic vacations and a trip to Las Vegas with her boyfriend Carl Woods. Trustees also want to know how much she was paid for her television appearances, including the most recent on Channel 4, in which she attempted to repair her £2 million country property. In recent years, the former glamour model has lurched from one catastrophe to the next.

After pleading guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol in December, she received a 16-month prison term with a one-year suspension. She then avoided a possible jail sentence last month after paying £7,300 in fines for driving offences. However, the danger of prison still hovers over Katie, since she broke a restraining order issued by her ex-husband Kieran Hayler's fiancée last month. She violated a restraining order by sending Michelle Penticost a series of abusive texts.

Katie Price has stopped producing content on her OnlyFans account Katie Price has stopped producing content on her OnlyFans account