Katie Price suggests her exes are to blame for her bankruptcy

Katie Price has already been declared bankrupt once. It seems the former glamour model has been declared bankrupt a second time and is avoiding court.

Katie Price bankrupt blames exes
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Katie Price bankrupt blames exes

Katie Price rose to fame as The Sun’s Page 3 girl under the alias Jordan. Since then, the former glamour model has had 5 children. Katie Price is also known for having undergone several plastic surgeries, from her nose to her breasts and many more.

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As many know, Katie Price has had some trouble in the past, indeed, she was arrested for driving under the influence after causing a major car crash, which resulted in her losing her licence.

Katie Price has also had several relationships, from singer Peter Andre to her on-and-off relationship with Carl Woods. Currently, the former model is dating Married at First Sight star JJ Slater.

Price has also had severe financial problems and has previously been declared bankrupt. According to recent reports, she is once again bankrupt.

Katie Price blames second bankruptcy on exes

As reported by The Sun, Katie Price has been declared bankrupt for the second time in her life. The 45-year-old was due in court for her unpaid tax bill of £750,000. As a result, Price is now at risk of losing her £2 million home in Sussex known as Mucky Mansion.

Katie defended herself against claims that she doesn’t pay anything in her life:

And trust me, I don’t get away with stuff either.
Like, you can’t, like tax, you can’t ever run away from, you have to pay. Don’t think I sit and don’t pay stuff, because I do.

The former glamour model was declared bankrupt for the first time in 2019 after accumulating debts of up to £3.2 million. As reported by Mirror, Katie Price blames her second bankruptcy on her exes after they ‘mentally abused’ her.

If men had not been in my life, I wouldn't be in the bankruptcy things that I've been in. I wouldn't be tormented in my brain or mentally abused like I have been.

Katie Price didn’t appear in court for her second bankruptcy

As per The Sun, Katie Price did not appear in court for her hearing concerning her second bankruptcy. Indeed, the former model was not even sure which day the hearing was, as per the tabloid. She said:

I know I had court, I think it was last week or the week before.

However, according to Price, she shouldn’t have to attend court as she is ‘dealing with serious stuff’ at the moment:

Because of what’s going on in my life, I’ve actually been signed off because I’m dealing with serious stuff.

She goes on to add that the media play a big role in how she is perceived and that they have no idea what is actually going on in her life and the fact that she has a lot to deal with mentally.

But I think the media like to play on the fact 'oh she hasn't turned up to court' but they don't know what goes on behind the scenes, what I deal with, what you agree to pay and what you don't behind the scenes.

Katie Price’s hearing was dealt with by Court Judge Sebastian Prentis, who reported that as she didn’t appear in court, they are forced to declare a ‘bankrupt order’.

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