Peter Andre reveals Princess and Junior have flown to Australia to be with their sick grandmother

Peter Andre recently welcomed his fifth child in total and his third with wife Emily. However, shortly after welcoming the child, his older kids had to rush to see his mother. Here’s what’s happening!

Peter Andre kids Junior Princess mother Australia Emily
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Peter Andre kids Junior Princess mother Australia Emily

Peter Andre and Emily recently welcomed their third child together. The two got married in 2015 and already had two kids - Amelia, 10 and Theo, 7. Emily is also the stepmother to Peter’s two kids he had with Katie Price - Junior and Princess.

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They announced the birth of their third child - a baby girl on Instagram talking about how Junior and Princess had already been to see and cuddle her. However soon after the announcement his children flew to Australia for a tragic reason. Here’s what’s happening!

Peter Andre’s kids fly to Australia to see their ill grandmother

Despite being in his happy bubble since the arrival of his fifth kid, Peter took some time to praise his elder kids - Junior and Princess Andre. Taking to Instagram on Sunday, the Mystery Girl singer conveyed his admiration for his ‘beautiful’ kids.

Peter revealed that his mother, Thea, has been having a ‘difficult time’ with her health. He went on to explain how Junior and Princess - whose boyfriend is a sore point for Peter - had jetted thousands of miles to Australia to be with their grandmother in hospital. According to Entertainment Daily, Thea is battling Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Posting a video of the two kids visiting their grandmother in hospital, Peter wrote:

Junior and Princess. The fact that you drove to Somerset to be with us hours before and the days that followed to see the arrival of your baby sister, AND THEN to get on a plane and travel 12,000 miles to be with your grandmother in a very difficult time for her shows me what beautiful children you are.

Fans praise Peter Andre’s parenting skills

Katie Price’s ex further gushed over his kids and labelled them ‘truly amazing.’ The touching video showed the kids hugging and kissing their grandmother with Whitney Houston’s One Moment In Time playing in the background.

Many fans rushed to the comment section on Instagram and praised the kids as well as Peter Andre for his parenting skills. One wrote:

I think this is a testament to your parenting skills. Wonderful children ❤️
All your hard work, sleepless nights, have paid off!! Good Job Peter, l saw a post that said when your grown up kids want to spend time with you, you have won the lottery. For Junior and Princess to fly out to see their grandmother, Peter you did well. A great man to Emulate🙏🏾🙏🏾

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