Peter Andre and his wife Emily welcome little girl

Peter Andre and his wife Emily have welcomed a baby girl. The announcement was made via Instagram on 3 April 2024. In February, Emily spoke on Lorraine and revealed she had been struggling with pregnancy this time around.

Peter Andre new baby
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Peter Andre new baby

Peter Andre and Emily have been together since 2012 after Emily’s father, Ruaraidh MacDonagh introduced them in 2010 when he was a consultant for Peter for his kidney surgery. Emily’s father knew she was a fan of his music. The two did not start dating until 2012.

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Peter and Emily married in 2015 at Mamhead House in Exeter. In April they welcomed their third child, after having two children, Amelia, 10 and Theo, 7. Emily is also a stepmother to Peter and Katie Price’s children, Junior and Princess.

As the couple were preparing to welcome their third child, Emily revealed in an interview with Lorraine that she had been finding that pregnancy a lot more difficult than her previous two.

A difficult pregnancy for Emily Andre

Emily Andre appeared on ITV’sLorraine on Monday, February 5 where she discussed her then-current pregnancy. The NHS doctor told Lorraine Kelly that her third pregnancy had been ‘harder’ and she wasn't sure why.

She speculated it could either be due to her age, she is currently 34, or simply because it is her third pregnancy. She told Lorraine:

It's been harder and I don't know if it's because I'm older or because I have two kids already. It has definitely been a little bit more challenging but I think that's going to be expected isn't it.

Emily hasn't specified what has been challenging about this pregnancy but as she was nearing her due date she still wanted to ‘relish these last few weeks’. Moreover, despite the challenging aspect of her pregnancy, she had been ‘loving it’.

Emily says Peter Andre is a supportive husband

During the Lorraine interview, Emily also revealed that Peter Andre, who Lorraine joked was Emily’s third child, had been very helpful during her pregnancy. She explained that the Aussie singer is very 'hands-on’ and had been helping her up the stairs.

He's so hands-on and he's making sure I don't carry anything and he's helping me up the stairs and all of those things.

Peter Andre appeared on Good Morning Britain a few days before Emily’s interview and shared that he has a lot of ‘respect’ for his wife going through another pregnancy, as per The Evening Standard.

The thing is it really makes you respect a mum and what she has to go through. She has to do all of the work before the baby is born.

He explained that he is ‘hands-on’ but he can only do so much for his wife depending on the choices she makes. He explained:

I’m very hands on but there’s only so much I can do, you know, if she chooses to breast feed and everything I can only do so much, but she’s great.

Peter also revealed that he and his wife have decided not to find out the sex of their baby and are keeping it a surprise and it will be their last pregnancy, as reported by OK!.

The new baby arrives

On 3 April 2024, Peter Andre took to Instagram to announce the birth of his new baby - a girl! He revealed that the baby was born on 2 April and that both the mum and newborn are doing well. He added:

Baby has been spoilt with cuddles from Junior, Princess, Amelia and Theo who are all in love with their new little sister. As parents, we couldn’t be happier.

However, there appears to be one problem: the couple hadn't decided on a name. Andre therefore asked his followers for help. Some have decided to play along and names like Luna - Ray, Melissa, Luisa, and Robyn have been suggested.

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Who is Emily, Peter Andre's wife? Who is Emily, Peter Andre's wife?