Ant McPartlin: Who is his wife Anne-Marie Corbett?

We know all about Ant McPartlin’s career and achievements, now let’s dive into his personal life with his wife Anne-Marie Corbett.

Ant McPartlin's wife, who is Anne-Marie Corbett?
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Ant McPartlin's wife, who is Anne-Marie Corbett?

National treasures Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly have great careers and greater personal lives. Both of them are happily married to women they claimed changed their lives. Dec is married to Ali Astall and has two children, Isla, 5, and Jack, 1, Ant doesn’t have any children and is currently married to his second wife - Anne-Marie Corbett.

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Let’s take a look into Ant’s life with wife Anne-Marie Corbett, away from all the TV glitz and glamour.

Who is Anne-Marie Corbett and how did she meet Ant?

Anne-Marie Corbett, 46 and Ant McPartlin, 48 have been together for 5 years. While they enjoy a romantic relationship today, the start of their connection was a professional one. According to The Sun, Anne worked for Ant and his ex-wife Lisa Armstrong as their personal assistant. She was employed by the same London-based management company as Dec’s wife for over a decade but only began working with Ant in 2017.

Soon after the two came in contact, sparks flew that remain to this day. Anne-Marie separated from her husband Scott in October 2017 and Ant separated from Lisa in 2018, but his divorce was finalised in 2020.

Ant and Anne were first seen together in March 2018. Since then, the appearances started increasing. She was pictured walking Ant’s dog with him in April and then later on a shopping spree in June. The couple decided to tie the knot in August 2021 in a simple and private ceremony with only nearest friends and family. The wedding took place at St Michael's Church in Heckfield almost a year after they got engaged in December 2020.

Speaking of his wife Anne, Ant has expressed many times how she has been a constant support to him during his ‘lowest depths.’ When the beloved presenter was on the road to recovery from alcoholism and addiction, Anne’s unwavering support helped him through. Describing her as a ‘life saver,’ he said:

She’s been my rock. She’s a beautiful soul. We’re very happy. I’m in the best place I’ve been in my life. It’s great.

Are Ant and Anne-Marie expecting a child together?

Despite being married to Lisa for more than a decade, Ant never had kids with her. However, he has always expressed his interest in becoming a father. Meanwhile, Anne has two children from her previous marriage. But, it looks like his wish to experience fatherhood may be fulfilled soon. Rumour has it Anne-Marie is expecting her first child with Ant as she refused to fly to Australia while he was presenting I’m A Celeb.

Anne was recently spotted at Heathrow airport on the way to a New Year break in Dubai and appeared to be several months pregnant, confirmed MailOnline. The former PA was dressed in a loose black dress and a yellow woollen cardigan. As Ant greeted onlookers, one revealed:

He couldn’t stop smiling, he looked like the happiest man in the world.

However, none of them have confirmed their pregnancy news.

It is understood that if the couple is, in fact, expecting their first child - Ant’s first wife will be ‘very upset.’ Ant and Lisa tried to have kids while they were married and she was heartbroken when their marriage ended childless. The sting might even be more hurtful as Anne and Lisa were good friends at one point. A friend of hers shared:

Anne-Marie was Lisa’s friend, and she was heavily involved in getting her the job working for the McPartlins.
Lisa would send Anne-Marie’s children birthday and Christmas presents, she even went on holiday with them, and then bang, it all changed.

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