Vanessa Feltz receives backlash after massive outburst over ex in Celebs Go Dating

Fans are unimpressed with Vanessa Feltz behaviour on Celebs Go dating after the TV host lashed out at one of the experts.

Celebs Go Dating fans want Vanessa Feltz out after huge outburst: 'Coming across horrible'
Celebs Go Dating fans want Vanessa Feltz out after huge outburst: 'Coming across horrible'

After Thursday 31 August’s episode of Celebs Go Dating, watchers have had enough of Vanessa Feltz’ behaviour. In last night’s episode, Feltz was seen lashing out at expert Paul Carrick Brunson after going on a date.

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Feltz joined the show after breaking up with Ben Ofoedu in February 2023. The two were together since 2005 and the split left Feltz really shaken. In several interviews she shared how much the breakup had impacted her.

But now, only a few months after this massive breakup, Feltz is on E4 looking for love again.

Fans of Celebs Go Dating want Vanessa Feltz out

The clash between Vanessa Feltz and expert Paul Carrick Brunson is unfortunately not the first moment in the show that has left viewers baffled. Indeed, a clip posted on X on 23 August, three days after the new series started airing, shows Feltz calling a date ‘f***ing dull.’

In the same clip she continues to vehemently call the date ‘boring’ after what seems like quite a short date as Feltz ordered only dessert. Viewers really disliked this moment as they felt like it was ‘uncalled for.’ It’s important to remember that she did call this man ‘f***ing dull’ on national television.

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Now, after her outburst against Paul on 31 August, some viewers want her out. The argument between the contestant and the expert happened after Feltz was seen using her phone and storming out of her date. During the argument she Feltz expressed that the date was the opposite of what she was looking for.

This is an identikit of the relationship that I've just come out of (...) that's the last thing I want is some itinerant, horny musician. I've had that

Paul then tried to unpack Feltz’ feelings but that wasn’t well received by the veteran journalist.

Well it's not hard to dissect as I've explained it clearly to you, (...) You should understand me the first time I say it, because I've said it with the utmost clarity'.

This attitude towards experts who are technically trying to help her left fans unimpressed.

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Vanessa Feltz’ 'horrible' breakup

Some viewers of the show however have shown compassion and understanding towards Feltz. Indeed, the woman has had a 16-year-long relationship end this year. Moreover, her ex was indeed a musician so pairing her with one, so soon after her breakup may not have been the best idea.

In an interview on This Morning a few days after announcing her breakup, Feltz confessed that it had left her ‘embarrassed’ and that she could no longer sleep at night and that having your heart broken is absolutely ‘horrible.’

Be nice guys… she’s been married for a long time and it ended horribly…,she’s still clearly hurt and damaged… don’t be nasty unnecessarily…life’s too short x
Obviously Vanessa is not in the right frame of mind to be having fun on as many different dates as possible!
I hope she walks away and spends some quality time finding herself 💕

Feltz’s ex is a musician who was part of bands such as Benz, Phats & Small. However, overall, his music career never really took off and he was mostly known for being Feltz’ partner. The couple was reportedly engaged in 2006 but never got married until their split in 2023.

The split occurred after several rumours of Ben Ofoedu cheating on Feltz with several women came out.


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