Strictly Come Dancing's Bobby Brazier shuts down rumours about dating Ellie Leach

BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing is known for its new romances between pro dancers and celebrities. Has it worked its magic again between celebrities?

Bobby Brazier Ellie Leach dating rumours
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Bobby Brazier Ellie Leach dating rumours

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing are no strangers to the so-called Strictly curse when a pro dancer and a celebrity become a couple even if one of them was in a relationship before. Nevertheless, it has also created relationships from scratch.

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Indeed, pro dancer Dianne Bussell and Youtuber Joe Sugg have been dating since being paired in 2018. However, rumours of the Strictly curse striking again have been going around after Dianne and her dancing partner, Bobby Brazier were extremely close in the latest series of the show.

Both Bobby and Dianne have shut down these rumours and assured fans they are just friends but a new potential romance is rumoured to have started between Bobby Brazier and Strictly winner, Ellie Leach.

On 12 February, Bobby Brazier took the time to shut down rumours while at an award show.

Bobby Brazier and Ellie Leach could be dating

Rumours have been circling that Eastenders star, Bobby Brazier, 20, and former Coronation Street star, Ellie Leach, 22, are now an item after competing against each other in 2023’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Both Bobby and Ellie are a part of this year’s Strictly on Tour and an insider has told The Sun that the two are ‘flirting increasingly openly’ and have reportedly shared a kiss.

The insider exclusively told The Sun:

Their friendship has grown and grown, and they’ve been spending nearly all their free time together before and after performances. They’ve been having their meals together, and flirting increasingly openly.

The insider added that they believe the two will soon announce their relationship publicly:

The chat on tour is they may have enjoyed a cheeky snog, and will go public with their romance any week now.

Ellie Leach and Bobby Brazier are both reportedly single

Ellie Leach was in a relationship with Reagan Pettman. The two became a couple in 2018 but broke up in May 2023, as per Hello!, Ellie has not publicly spoken about the split from her five-year boyfriend.

When it comes to Bobby Brazier, he was in a relationship with model Liberty Love but split up in July 2022 after only being together for two months. It was then believed that the Eastenders star was briefly involved with fashion consultant Boadecia Evans.

Ellie Leach's ex speaks out

After the rumours about Ellie and Bobby dating, Ellie's ex Reagan Pettman spoke to The Sun to say that he wanted her back. The 22 year old told the tabloid:

I hurt her and broke her heart. I’m not proud of it.

According to Leach's ex, he cheated on her while on a night out when he kissed another woman. In his Sun interview, the man explains that he couldn't tell Leach for months and that when he finally confessed she decided to call their 5 year relationship off.

I was thinking I could speak to her and we could work it out. I was prepared for what happened and then she decided that was it, the trust had gone.

Pettman continued his interview by saying that he wants Ellie Leach back. He sais that he 'really' misses her and despite his lingering feelings he expresses that he would be happy for her if the rumours about Brazier ended up being true.

if that is the case and she is happy then that is all I would want.

Bobby Brazier quizzed on the rumours

On 12 February, The Sun reported on a red carpet interview Bobby Brazier did at the TV Choice Awards. When quizzed about his possible relationship he made a point to shut down rumours saying:

She’s a good dancer. She is a lovely lovely friend of mine.

When he was pressed, he continued to emphasise that they were just friendly. However, he did take the time to comment on Leach's beauty, stating:

Ellie is a sweetheart, look at her…she’s beautiful, she’s amazing, she’s good at what she does.

Continuing to make it crystal clear that the two aren't romantically involved, Brazier talked about his future plans which, according to him, leave very little time for romance.

Ummm…I’ve got some things to do. I’ve got career things to do, I’ve got personal things to do, I’ve got Godly things to do. I’m going back to EastEnders. I’ve missed them so much.

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Bobby Brazier has had a busy love life: Is the Strictly Come Dancing star dating anyone? Bobby Brazier has had a busy love life: Is the Strictly Come Dancing star dating anyone?