Danny Dyer on set for his new movie: Here's how the actor's net worth has increased since leaving EastEnders

Danny Dyer has been keeping busy since he exited EastEnders. He has worked on numerous ventures within the entertainment world that have bolstered his net worth.

Danny Dyer Net Worth
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Danny Dyer Net Worth

Danny Dyer has amassed a small fortune after departing from the hit BBC show EastEnders. Dyer left the show in 2022 as he grew disillusioned with his character. Since then he has been hard at work, amassing a series of television appearances that have increased his net worth. Danny Dyer is slowly transitioning into a new career chapter and is working to make this transition a lucrative decision. So how much is Danny Dyer worth today?

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The EastEnders exit

Danny Dyer spoke about the reason for his EastEnders exit. Speaking to The Times, he stated:

One reason I left EastEnders was because I wasn’t around enough. You’ve got to try and get in there early with your holiday, because otherwise they give you a holiday in February, and who wants to go on holiday in February?

He also stated he had creative differences with the showrunners as he wanted to pursue a mental health storyline with his character that involves sexual assault but the show bosses decided against this due to the potential triggering of viewers.

Though his departure from the show was significant, Danny Dyer has been consistently working since leaving EastEnders. He landed a leading role in Channel 5’s Heat and hosted an E4 travel series with his daughter. He additionally landed a game show on Netflix of which he was the host. However, Cheat only aired for one season before Netflix pulled the plug.

Despite the hurdles, Dyer is still charting a path forward and incrementally increasing his net worth with each career decision. It seems as though the previous year was quite lucrative for the TV star actor and entrepreneur.

Danny Dyer’s net worth

Danny Dyer owns Arty Bucco, a production company that he shares with his wife. Filings for Arty Bucco show that Dyer has made a £434,820 profit for the year, they also indicate he was able to reach an impressive £1.4 million. According to The Sun,his net worth is estimated to be around £4 million.

His EastEnders paychecks have certainly contributed to his wealth as they reportedly hover in the range of £250,000 per year. The star has now been spotted shooting for his new film Marching Powder dubbed a Football Hooligan Crime-Comedy. This foray into film could prove to be another stepping stone for the actor.

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