Giovanni Pernice’s ex-partners have reportedly united to discuss his behaviour on Strictly Come Dancing

It is believed that 3 of Strictly pro, Giovanni Pernice’s former dance partners have met up to discuss their less-than-perfect experience with him. Here’s what’s happening.

Giovanni Pernice behaviour Strictly Come Dancing
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Giovanni Pernice behaviour Strictly Come Dancing

Giovanni Pernice joined the professional lineup on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing in 2015. The Italian dancer won the show in 2021 with Rose Ayling Ellis. Giovanni was born in Sicily, Italy and had a passion for dancing from a very young age.

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Since joining the Strictly crew, Giovanni has had numerous partners. However, three of his former partners, Amanda Abbington, Ranvir Singh and Laura Whitmore have reportedly met up to discuss their less-than-perfect experiences with the professional dancer.

Indeed, the three women are potentially considering taking the matter further and making an official complaint about Giovanni Pernice to the BBC. Here’s everything that is happening with the Italian dancer.

Giovanni Pernice could have a complaint made against him

As reported by The Sun, Amanda Abbington, Ranvir Singh and Laura Whitmore have reportedly met up to discuss their training sessions with Giovanni whilst on Strictly Come Dancing. According to a source, the three women ‘compared notes’ about their experiences and even ‘tears were shed’.

When Sherlock star, Amanda Abbington took part in the show in 2023, she quit the show in October, citing medical reasons. However, since then, the actress has been diagnosed with mild post-traumatic stress disorder, as per The Sun.

Ranvir Singh, Good Morning Britain presenter, was paired with Giovanni in 2020 and reportedly complained to producers about him. Finally, Laura Whitmore, who took part in 2016, revealed she ‘cried every day’ and reportedly felt ‘uncomfortable’ whilst training with Giovanni.

Speaking about their meet-up, the unnamed source said:

All three had difficult experiences with Giovanni, who is well known to be intense during training.
Their meeting was emotional but heart-warming. They now know they are there to support each other after their tough times with Giovanni. Tears were shed.

The source then added that the three women are considering taking legal action and ‘formally complain to the BBC’. Indeed, as per The Sun, Amanda Abbington has requested the video recordings of her and Giovanni’s training sessions.

One of Giovanni Pernice’s partners is showing her support

After it was announced that Amanda Abbington was considering taking legal action against Giovanni Pernice, one of his former partners, Debbie McGee, who was paired with Giovanni in 2017, has come out and shared her support.

On January 8, 2024, Debbie shared a photo on Instagram of her and Giovanni with the caption:

Happy memories.
Giovanni and I had the best of times on Strictly 🥰

Many Strictly fans flooded McGee’s comment section thanking her for her support towards Giovanni, who also commented on her post:

Love you … thank you ❤️❤️❤️

One fan wrote, in reference to Amanda Abbington revealing she has PTSD:

At last - someone speaking up for Giovanni. It sickens me how people are trying to pull this man down, as for having PTSD… for goodness sake! Sheer madness. Well said Debbie

Another user wrote that fans are supporting Giovanni:

Thank you Debbie for showing support all of his fans support him 100%

Moreover, Giovanni, who is reportedly known as a perfectionist, has previously defended his actions and has said:

If you’re a professional dancer on one of these shows, you have to get the people looking the best they can on a Saturday night.

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Strictly Come Dancing: Giovanni Pernice believed to have quit the show after nine years Strictly Come Dancing: Giovanni Pernice believed to have quit the show after nine years