Emmanuel Macron is very close to Brigitte's daughter: Who is Tiphaine Auzière?

Let's find out who Tiphaine Auzière is, Brigitte Macron's daughter, a lawyer by profession turned writer.

Brigitte Macron French President Emmanuel daughter-in-law
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Brigitte Macron French President Emmanuel daughter-in-law

Tiphaine Auzière, a lawyer by profession, is known as the daughter of French First Lady Brigitte Macron. Born on December 5, 1984 in Amiens, she is the daughter Brigitte had with André-Louis Auzière, who died in 2019. After studying law, Tiphaine Auzière began a career as a lawyer. She has pleaded a wide variety of cases. Her involvement in sensitive cases and her determination to defend the rights of the most vulnerable have attracted attention, making her a respected advocate within the legal community.

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Tiphaine Auzière, lawyer and writer

In addition to her legal career, Tiphaine Auzière has also distinguished herself through her commitment to charitable causes. She has actively supported organizations working for education, access to healthcare and women's empowerment. But she is best known nationally as the daughter-in-law of French President Emmanuel Macron. In fact, the 40-year-old lawyer is only seven years older than her father-in-law.

And she's a real supporter of the head of state. Indeed, she didn't hesitate to head the support committee, during his presidential campaign in 2017. In French magazine La Voix du Nord, she said:

He's an extraordinary personality, an intelligent man with whom dialogue is possible at all times.

But that's not all. In 2019, she called him a 'benevolent father-in-law'. In 2020, Tiphaine Auzière was working for Challenges Avocats. Then three years later, in September 2023, she announced her new role as an independent director on the board of drilling company Arverne.

Despite the notoriety that stems from her family connection with the French president, Tiphaine Auzière has always maintained a relatively discreet private life. Nevertheless, she has never hidden her husband and children, who often accompany her to official events at the Élysée Palace, such as Emmanuel Macron's inauguration. In her private life, she is married to Antoine Choteau, a gastroenterologist by profession. Together, the couple have two children: a little girl, Élise, and a little boy, Aurèle.

Renowned lawyer, woman involved in politics alongside her father-in-law... She's also a writer! Indeed, Tiphaine Auzière recently surprised the public by unveiling her first novel, entitled Assises. The book, published by Stock, will appear on March 13, 2024.

The story? A delicate legal case revolving around Laura, a young woman who is the victim of domestic violence. At her wits' end, Laura commits the irreparable act of stabbing her husband, her aggressor. Tiphaine Auzière guides the reader through the tumult of a gripping trial, depicting the inner workings of the French justice system. Although the novel is based on a real case in which Tiphaine Auzière defended the husband's family, the fiction takes a unique twist by reversing the story.

Tiphaine is only seven years older than Emmanuel Macron

In the preface to her book, Tiphaine Auzière offered a touching dedication to her father-in-law, Emmanuel Macron. A message unveiled on February 25, 2024, in the columns of Le Parisien. She wrote:

To Emmanuel, who showed me that nothing is impossible.

A word that reveals the 40-year-old lawyer's deep respect for the French head of state. In the same preface, Tiphaine Auzière also expressed her gratitude to her mother, Brigitte Macron, explaining that the latter had passed on to her 'her taste for writing and her thirst for life'.

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