'A boy so young, it was impossible' - Brigitte Macron on the start of her relationship with Emmanuel Macron

On 15 November, 2023, Paris Match unveiled its exclusive interview with Brigitte Macron. The First Lady talked about her romance with Emmanuel Macron.

Brigitte Macron French President relationship age gap revelation
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Brigitte Macron French President relationship age gap revelation

Brigitte Macron agreed to answer questions from Paris Match in an exclusive interview unveiled this Wednesday, 15 November, 2023. Discussing her career in teaching, her relationship with Emmanuel Macron and her role as First Lady, the former French teacher opened up in a way she rarely does, six years after her arrival at the Élysée Palace.

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Behind the scenes at the Élysée Palace

Asked by the journalist about the weight of presidential office in their relationship, Brigitte Macron was clear.

We're a normal couple. Sometimes we disagree. I have the influence that a wife can have on her husband. Either it's too much, or it's nothing. The fact that he's president hasn't changed anything.

On the other hand, while she holds the position of First Lady, she has 'no taste' for politics.

People say I'm a politician, but where do they get that from?

During the interview, Brigitte Macron also confided about an important routine in their relationship.

If I have something to say to Emmanuel, it's never in the morning. We're alone for the breakfast I prepare for him. It's a time when he never sulks (...) Sometimes I cook. There are easy recipes on Marmiton. Emmanuel loves boiled eggs.

Finally, Brigitte Macron agreed to look back at the beginnings of her love affair with Emmanuel Macron. A controversial relationship at the time... And with good reason: she was a French and drama teacher in Amiens, and the head of state was one of her pupils. Divorced and mother of three, she was 39 and he was 15 when they met.

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Brigitte Macron looks back on her love affair with Emmanuel

Brigitte Macron confided in Paris Match:

It was a mess in my head. At the time of my father's death, I was caught up in an inner hurricane. For me, a boy so young, it was prohibitive. Emmanuel was going to Paris. I told myself he would fall in love with someone his own age. He didn't. As for me, I never went to the theater again at La Providence.

She also confessed:

The only obstacle was my children. I took time not to ruin their lives. It took ten years to get them on track. You can imagine what they heard... But I didn't want to miss out on my life. I don't know how my parents, who were the example of fidelity and education, would have lived our marriage.

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Brigitte Macron: Everything we know about the First Lady of France Brigitte Macron: Everything we know about the First Lady of France