Emmanuel Macron: Does the French President wear a wig?

In 2022, an old rumour resurfaced about French President Emmanuel Macron. Some people believe that the French President is losing his hair and sports a wig.

Emmanuel Macron: Does the French President wear a wig?
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Emmanuel Macron: Does the French President wear a wig?

On March 14 2022, an article was published on a blog called Mediapart which gained media attention. While the post has since been deleted, it lead many people to wonder about French President Emmanuel Macro's hair.

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But first, what is Mediapart and what did they publish?

It is a blog offers a space for personal contributions called the Club, which is both a blogging platform and a social network.

Even though ‘each Mediapart subscriber has the possibility to edit and publish texts’ one article talking about a certain detail about Emmanuel Macron was published and it was not approved by the blog.

What did Mediapart publish?

Apparently a certain Étienne Duhamel said that the French President wears a wig. According to the author, Duhamel, the head of state has supposedly been wearing ‘a wig since 2019’. He also adds:

A priceless toupee of human hair which he sticks on top of his head and is changed every month

Unfortunately that is all that is known as the content was deleted shortly after with a message that said:

This post has been unpublished by the editors of Mediapart as it does not respect our participation charter.

Why was this content suddenly pushed?

Welll, in 2022, photos of Emmanuel Macron sporting a sweatshirt and stubble went viral. The politician was accused of copying Volodymyr Zelenskyy's casual look.

The tweet translates to:

The series, I am the French Zelensky is exceptional.
With the surplus parachute commando sweater, it reaches a peak in ridiculousness.

However, he was also in the spotlight after a French users commented on his hair.


Macron, his wig still ill-fitting, realising that this conflict will be settled without him despite all his gesticulations.

Does Emmanuel Macron wear a wig?

This rumour isn’t new. Indeed since 2021, many people have suggested that President Macron uses a wig. This is what the user wrote about in their article on Mediapart.

According to them, President Macron hasn’t come to terms with his receding hairline and has opted to hide thanks to a wig. Naturally, this information has never been confirmed and is simply a rumour floating around the internet.

This article has been adapted from Ohmymag FR.

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