What is armpit botoxing, the new trend making waves among celebs

In recent months, the new fad of celebs in the United States has been to take botox injections under the armpits. Let's examine this new trend.

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Breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, buttocks prostheses or even chin surgery... Both celebrities and average Janes have no qualms about going under the knife to fulfil their quest for the perfect physique. While these plastic surgery operations are very popular, there is one lesser known surgery that is creating a lot of excitement at the moment.

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A new aesthetic medicine technique

If stars wish to always appear at their best when they are in the spotlight, then they particularly wish to avoid any possible stain or imperfection on their immaculate getup. So to imagine a ring of perspiration forming under their armpits when they arrive on set for the photo shoot is simply unthinkable for them.

This is why some of them have gained a real dependence on a new technique of aesthetic medicine to fight against sweating: and that is botox injections under the armpits. And what's that about? Injecting botox under the arms so that it blocks nerve transmission to the sweat glands which generate sweat.

Stars who love armpit botoxing

Among its aficionados is Chrissy Teigen, wife of singer John Legend. Through her social networks, she regularly brings up the subject, testifying that this technique has changed her life. Since then, she has become more at ease and no longer fears 'soaking' her outfits.

According to testimonials, the results of this operation should appear as early as 3 days later and can last for 4 to 9 months. To carry out this operation, it is necessary to put aside a substantial budget since one session costs around430 pounds. But if you show signs of excessive sweating, you may even be reimbursed for your trouble.

Yet that is not the only fad that drawing some attention right now. Across the pond, many young women are deciding to have their nipples done. Their goal? To have thinner and more pointed nipples, in order to be able to rock looks similar to their idols Emily Ratajkowski or Bella Hadid who have a habit of sporting transparent tops through which their breasts may be glimpsed, pointing.

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