Katie Price, who has reportedly spent over £500K on plastic surgery, goes under the knife again

Katie Price is known for her love of plastic surgery and is constantly altering her appearance. In her latest TikTok live, she showed off her new ‘battered’ look just after surgery.

Katie Price has more plastic surgery done in Belgium
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Katie Price has more plastic surgery done in Belgium

Katie Price is a controversial character, to say the least. She rose to fame as The Sun’s Page 3 girl with her persona Jordan. Since then, the former glamour model is constantly under the knife undergoing cosmetic surgery.

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Price travels the world to get her cosmetic surgery. In 2007, she flew to the US for a rhinoplasty - a nose job - and spent £6,000 on the procedure. However, Price did then admit that she regretted the surgery as she could barely notice a difference between before and after.

In 2021, she also had a full-body liposuction as well as an eye and lip lift. She also had liposuction under her chin and had fat injected into her bottom. Katie hasn’t stopped there and has previously told her 16-year-old daughter Princess, that she plans to get a lot more work done.

Katie Price went to Belgium for plastic surgery

As reported by The Sun, Katie Price travelled to Belgium to get more work done on herself. A source revealed earlier:

Katie will be going to Belgium next week for a nose job, lip lift and abdominal etching.


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The source explained that this time, Price did thorough checks on the clinic beforehand to make sure she is in safe hands:

She‘s done all the proper checks on the clinic. It’s not too far away from home and Katie feels she’ll be in safe hands.

Adding that this time, the procedure is to fix other failed cosmetic surgeries:

It will be corrective surgery to fix some previously botched operations. Katie can’t wait to be summer ready.

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Katie Price reveals her new look

Katie Price went live on TikTok and showed off her brand-new look. She had heavy bandages around her nose but the bruising you typically see after plastic surgery was gone.

She opened up a bit about her procedure and revealed that her nose was very ‘itchy’ and that the hadn’t washed her hair in ‘days’.

In total, Katie Price has spent over £500,000 on cosmetic surgery according to The Sun. She has had a total of 16 boob jobs, at least 3 facelifts, several brow lifts, Brazilian bum lifts, filler and botox.

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Katie Price reportedly undergoes plastic surgery yet again in bid to break a record Katie Price reportedly undergoes plastic surgery yet again in bid to break a record