Katie Price and Carl Woods split after Katie confessed to cheating

Katie Price and Carl Woods have put an end to their two-year-long relationship after Carl revealed that Katie cheated on him.

Katie Price and Carl Woods split after Katie confessed to cheating
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Katie Price and Carl Woods split after Katie confessed to cheating

The 44-year-old glamour model and 34-year-old car dealer recently went on a vacation to Thailand. While everything seemed perfect in their love story, Carl revealed in an Instagram story today that Katie Price has cheated on him and their relationship has effectively ended.

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It’s over!

After claiming to have learned that Katie Price had supposedly admitted to sleeping with someone else, Carl Woods has announced that he and Katie Pricehave broken up. Taking to his Instagram stories on Tuesday morning, he informed his followers that his rocky relationship with the glamour model has ended. Carl said:

There is no easy way to say this and it's quite embarrassing, to be honest. I found out yesterday Katie cheated on me.
She's admitted cheating on me. So yeah, that's the end of that I guess. I'm just going to have to focus on rebuilding myself and get my life back on track and concentrate on me. But that's done.

Meanwhile, Katie has not responded to any of the claims according to MailOnline. Carl has also not specified who the glamour model cheated with. Katie and Carl’s relationship was allegedly going through ‘small and petty rows.’ A source previously confirmed:

A lot of drama that has happened between Katie and Carl seems to have been brushed under the carpet, but their relationship doesn't seem that strong at the moment and friends think it could be over soon.

Enough is enough

This comes after a top doctor, Aamer Khan, a cosmetic doctor from Harley Street Skin Clinic, warned Katie that any more plastic surgery could lead to her death. And Mirror reported that Carl Woods ‘never liked’ it when Katie used to get her surgeries done. A source said:

Carl is quite shocked and terrified for Katie. Each time Katie gets surgery she’s in horrific pain and this is extremely uncomfortable for Carl to watch.
He wishes Katie would learn when to stop. She’s had dozens of surgeries and enough is enough. Carl loves Katie for who she is and thinks she doesn’t need these procedures.

They added:

Katie is obsessed with getting surgery and is constantly trying to change things about her body in order to feel accepted.
The risks of surgery increase each time and with age – and Katie is at high risk.

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