Olivia Attwood concerns fans after revealing she's ‘struggling’ due to 'the most awful experience'

Olivia Attwood cries after being verbally abused for her dogs as people stood and recorded her instead of helping.

Olivia Attwood verbally attacked on a dog walk
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Olivia Attwood verbally attacked on a dog walk

Olivia Attwood seems to be having a rough time ever since her shock exit from I’m A Celeb just 24 hours after the show started. And while one would think it’s the end of misery for her, life hasn’t been all too nice for Olivia ever since.

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Nightmare dog walk

Breaking down in tears on her Instagram stories, Olivia revealed the hellish morning dog walk she had just experienced. Reportedly, she was verbally abused by a fellow dog walker in a park in the early hours of 1 December. She said on her story:

God, I can't believe I'm literally crying on my stories but I've just had the most awful experience. I literally can't believe what people are actually like...

She then went on to explain that her dogs – Lola and Stitch – approached a woman’s cockapoo to say hello who misinterpreted the dogs’ friendliness and started screaming and yelling at her. The sudden explosive episode by the fellow dog walker ‘freaked out’ Lola – who is a rescue dog – who started barking madly. The dog walker then shouted:

You're a f*****g crazy b***h, I know who you are! You're that f*****g b***h off the telly!

The 31-year-old received ‘every expletive’ from the woman before being followed by a 60-year-old man to abuse her further, revealed OK! Magazine. She added:

Anyway, there's like five people around and instead of helping me to get the dog, they all stand there and video it on their phone.
Really nice people. I really hope you're never in a situation where you need help.

Struggle continues

Days after the dog-walking incident, the former Love Island star is still struggling. MailOnline revealed that the reality star posted a glum-looking selfie for her 2 million followers the other day.

The picture in which Olivia was dressed to fight UK’s dreadful cold was captioned:


Things have been tough for her ever since she was asked to leave I’m A Celeb based on medical grounds.

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