Love Island fans are not impressed by this new twist

The seventh series of Love Island finally began last night—but producers have switched up one of the most iconic parts of the show.

Love Island Contestants
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Love Island Contestants

Every year, each new Love Island cast makes their mark on the show’s history by coining a new iconic phrase—from ‘doing bits’ to ‘it is what it is’. However, there are some Love Island expressions that we look forward to hearing year after year. It’s been over a year and a half since we last heard ‘I’VE GOT A TEXT!’ but this year, Love Island producers decided to switch things up a bit.

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Love Island 2021 twist

At the end of the episode, in the ‘twist’ we’d all been waiting for, it was revealed that eleventh Islander Chloe Burrows would be entering the villa to shake things up as the first bombshell. She announced her arrival by sending a voice note to all of the boys’ phones, inviting them all out on a date.

This was the first time we’ve seen a voice note used in Love Island—but viewers weren’t all impressed with the new method of Islander communication. Twitter was flooded with memes about the voice note, with many fans seemingly finding Chloe’s ‘sexy voice’ a bit cringey.

One wrote:

I know Chloe was STRAINING to do her best seductive smokey voice for that voice note #LoveIsland

While another tweeted:

Why did chloe sound like she was forced to read that message😭 #LoveIsland.

Who will go on a date with Chloe?

Of course, Chloe’s voice note was designed to tempt the boys away from their couplings and wind up the girls already in the villa—and from their reactions last night it seemed to have had the desired effect. We’ll have to wait and see tonight which of the boys will have their heads turned and head out on a date with Chloe...

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Winter Love Island: A new twist gives fans more power over the dynamic of the villa Winter Love Island: A new twist gives fans more power over the dynamic of the villa