There’s a ‘New Love Island’ on Netflix – But There’s One Big Twist

With this summer’s series of Love Island thrown into uncertainty due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Netflix has come through with a brand new reality show that was filmed before the world went into lockdown. Here’s why Too Hot To Handle is going to be your new obsession…

Too Hot To Handle
© Netflix
Too Hot To Handle

OK, admittedly this isn’t the first time that a new reality dating show has been touted as the ‘new Love Island’ - and previous attempts like MTV’s True Love Or True Lies didn’t quite measure up. But now that we’re all stuck indoors, we’re in need of a new binge-watch and this new Netflix series sounds just like our type on paper.

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Too Hot To Handle is hitting Netflix on Friday 17th April and will see a group of sexy singles from all over the world packed into one luxury home. Whilst they’ll all be staying in a shared bedroom and gathering round a firepit that looks a lot like Love Island’s, this lot are being asked to make one huge sacrifice – as to win the prize, they have to abstain from getting it on.

In this series, contestants will have money taken away from the $100,000 prize pot every time they break the no sexual contact rule. They’ll even be banned from kissing – although the trailer already proves that not all the contestants are going to stick to the strict rules, as they go through what one of them describes as ‘sexual rehabilitation’.

The show will feature ten super-hot 20-somethings from Canada, the UK, Ireland, the US and Australia. They include travel influencer Francesca Farago, Essex girl Chloe Veitch and nutrition and sports coach David Birtwistle. The series may even be seeing some LGBT representation – as the trailer shows two of the ladies engaging in a passionate kiss.

Whilst she doesn’t appear in the trailer, Netflix lists dominatrix-turned-comedian Desiree Burch as starring on the show. It’s not clear exactly what her role will be as the rules seem to be given to the islanders by an Alexa-style robot named Lana. Maybe Desiree is going to be taking on a voiceover role à la Iain Stirling? Whatever happens, we’re definitely tuning in…

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