Love Island fans accuse new twist of ‘segregating’ couples

Love Island season 8 started with a new twist for the first time in the history of the show and fans have slammed the move for many reasons.

Love Island fans accuse twist of ‘segregating’ couples
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Love Island fans accuse twist of ‘segregating’ couples

As excited as people were to see the show come back on screen, it has been failing to be a fan favourite season. From contestants to the host, fans have something to say about everything. However, a significant matter that has caught viewers’ attention is the segregation of couples based on their race.

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Oh! So predictable!

As reported by, in the current version of the twist, the public was asked to pair up the couples and that saw them putting the four POC contestants together. Indiyah Polack, a hotel waitress, is coupled with pharmaceutical salesman Ikenna Ekwonna, while nanny Amber Beckford is paired with microbiologist Dami Hope.

Amidst this many fans have come together and branded the pairing as ‘segregation’ on social media. Fans tweeted:

Catching up on Love Island and UK viewers really keeping segregation alive and well
Love Island so far is giving heavy segregation vibes.
Also, of course, there is a lack of chemistry between the black couples - they know they were lumped together based on race and most likely have no chance with any of the other white islanders. There is such an obvious divide. #LoveIsland

This is the first year that the process of pairing together has been selected by a public vote. Previously, the competitors were allowed to choose their own partners based on how the people greeted them as they entered the house.

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Same, but different!

According to The Sun, the race row existed as viewers complained that many black men or mixed-race men opted for white girls rather than black or mixed-race girls. This often led to white men being cast out of the villa because of them being left out in pairing. However, the new arrangement has also upset the viewers who feel that the pairs picked by the public set a bad example. A viewer tweeted and said:

Why have we put all black people in couples with each other? Interracial couples exist you know.

Another women added:

this is literally the feeling when people at work couple you and the only other black guy.

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