This is the surprising reason Olivia Attwood went on Love Island

Love Island 2017 star Olivia Attwood has discussed what convinced her to go on the show that shot her to fame – and it’s not what we expected to say the least.

Olivia Attwood
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Olivia Attwood

Olivia Attwood is probably one of the most memorable Love Islanders ever. Despite her relationship with Chris Hughes not lasting too long outside the villa, she’s turned her time on Love Island into a successful reality star and influencer career. But what made her go on the show in the first place?

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What made Olivia Attwood go on Love Island?

It turns out it was Olivia’s mum who persuaded her to go for it. Olivia revealed in an interview with Heat magazine this week:

I was really not sure about going on Love Island, but my mum was the one who was like: 'Just do it! What have you got to lose? You were meant to be on TV.' I didn’t really see it in myself.

Olivia’s mum Jennifer, who was also being interviewed, added:

I was on the phone until 3am trying to tell her to get on the flight. But then, I definitely thought you were getting bad press while you were in there. It was awful, we were getting a lot of hate on Instagram. But it turned around in the end.

Where is Olivia Attwood now?

Almost four years on from her appearance on Love Island, Olivia has a huge fanbase including 1.9 million followers on Instagram. Whilst she’s made a successful career of being an influencer, she’s not afraid to go against the grain, speaking out on issues she has strong feelings about like puppy breeding and influencers going abroad during the pandemic.

Aside from her Instagram career, Olivia has also had her own reality show Olivia Meets Her Match. The first series aired on ITVBe at the end of last year and the second series has recently been announced. The show follows Olivia’s relationship with fiancé Bradley Dack and also features her mum Jen.

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