Lothar Matthäus has been married 5 times: Here's everything we know about his past relationships

Lothar Matthäus, one of the biggest names in international football, is not only known for his exceptional performances on the pitch, but also for his eventful love life. We tell you more about his relationships and marriages.

Lothar Matthäus love life
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Lothar Matthäus love life

With several marriages and relationships that regularly made headlines, Lothar Matthäus' private life reflects the highs and lows of a football legend who is never far from the limelight. His relationships and marriages with various women have attracted just as much attention as his sporting successes.

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Lothar Matthäus' trophies and triumphs

Lothar Matthäus, one of the most outstanding figures in international football, celebrated a multitude of successes during his impressive career on the pitch, which spanned two decades. One of the undeniable highlights was winning the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy, in which Matthäus played a key role as captain of the German national team. This triumph came ten years after he had already been part of the team that secured the 1980 European Championship for Germany, although he had a less prominent role at the time.

Matthäus enjoyed great success at club level in both Germany and Italy. With FC Bayern Munich, he won the German championship a total of seven times and led the team to victory in the UEFA Champions League in 1996—one of the most prestigious competitions. His time with Inter Milan in the Italian Serie A was also studded with success, including winning the Scudetto in 1989 and the Intercontinental Cup in 1990, which cemented his status as an internationally recognized player.

Among the many personal awards Matthäus received during his career was the Ballon d'Or in 1990, which officially made him the best footballer in Europe that year. He was also the first player ever to be named FIFA World Player of the Year, an honor he received in 1991.

Matthäus' career is characterized by longevity, versatility and leadership skills that make him not only one of the most successful, but also one of the most admired footballers of all time. His ability to compete at the highest level and lead his team both in the Bundesliga and on the international stage remains a significant part of his legacy in world of football.

Matthäus did not retire after the end of his active career. Instead, he remained loyal to the sport as a coach and football analyst. His opinions and assessments are still in demand, and he shares his extensive knowledge via various platforms and events.

This enduring presence in football is a reflection of his dynamic career, which was not only marked by significant chapters on the pitch, but also in his private life. His love life, especially his marriages, often received as much attention as his sporting achievements. His first marriage to Silvia Matthäus laid the foundations for a series of other relationships that characterized his life off the pitch. These relationships and marriages reflect the different phases of his career and personal development, much like the different clubs and countries he played for.

Lothar Matthäus' first wife Silvia

Lothar Matthäus, whose name has achieved legendary status in football, not only found success on the pitch in the early 1980s, but also in his private life when he met Silvia Stendel. The two fell in love and decided to tie the knot in 1981. Matthäus was just 20 years old at the time, as Stern reports. This period was characterized by Matthäus'up-and-coming career as a professional footballer, while Silvia stood by his side as a strong partner. Their wedding came at a time when Matthäus was beginning to make a name for himself in German and international football.

Matthäus's children

Shortly after their marriage, Lothar and Silvia Matthäus welcomed their daughter Alisa into the world in 1986, who added to their happiness together. In 1988, the footballer had a second daughter, Viola, with Silvia. As Matthäus' career flourished, the family seemed to embody the perfect image to the outside world. Silvia played a crucial role in this important phase of his career, providing him with both emotional support and family stability.

Problems and divorce

Despite their happiness together and Matthäus' successes on the pitch, tensions began to put a strain on the marriage. The reasons for the problems in their relationship remained largely private, as is often the case with public figures. After eleven years of marriage, the ongoing tensions led to the couple's separation in 1992, marking the end of Lothar Matthäus' first great love and opening a new chapter in his much-discussed love life.

Co-parenting post divorce

The divorce from Silvia was a significant event in Matthäus' life, which attracted both personal and public attention. Despite the separation, both parents endeavored to maintain a functioning relationship in the interests of their daughters. Lothar Matthäus continued his career and remained a prominent figure in football, while his private life continued to be the subject of public interest.

This early relationship and marriage with Silvia Matthäus shows a more personal side of the football legend, which took place away from the limelight, and forms the prelude to a series of other relationships that Lothar Matthäus was to enter into over the years.

A new romance: Lothar and Lolita

After his separation from Silvia Matthäus, a new woman entered Lothar Matthäus' life who was to attract just as much attention: Lolita Morena. Lolita, a Swiss-Italian beauty, was not only known for her work as a presenter and model, but also as Miss Switzerland 1982. Her meeting with Matthäus took place when he was already an established football star, and their relationship quickly developed into a serious partnership. The couple married in 1994 at a time when Matthäus' career was flourishing at international level.

In the spotlight

The marriage between Lothar Matthäus and Lolita Morena was in the spotlight from the very beginning. As a couple from the world of sport and entertainment, they enjoyed a lot of media attention, which affected both their careers and their relationship. Despite the pressures and challenges of life in the public eye, the couple seemed to form a strong unit. Lolita accompanied Matthäus to many public events and matches, which underlined her support for his career.

Family and the child together

In the course of their marriage, Lothar Matthäus and Lolita Morena welcomed a son, Loris, who enriched their life together and heralded a new chapter in their relationship. The birth of their son brought the couple even closer together and gave them the opportunity to focus on family life. Despite their busy lives and constant media scrutiny, Lothar and Lolita tried to create a normal and healthy environment for their child to grow up in.

Another divorce for Matthäus

Like many relationships that are under constant public scrutiny, Matthäus and Morena's marriage had its challenges. The constant media attention and the demands of Matthäus' football career put the relationship to the test. After several years of marriage and despite their joint efforts to maintain the relationship, the couple decided to separate. Their divorce was finalized in 1999, as Der Spiegel reported at the time, marking the end of one of the most notable episodes in Lothar Matthäus' love life.

Lolita after the separation

After her separation from Matthäus, Lolita Morena remained a recognized personality in Switzerland and continued her career in television and the fashion industry. She remained a supportive mother to her son Loris even after the divorce, striving to provide him with a stable and loving home. Her relationship with Lothar Matthäus, although it came to an end, remains a significant part of both their lives.

Lothar Matthäus and Lolita Morena's time together, full of ups and downs, marked the footballer's second serious relationship. Their son Loris remains a living legacy of their union, while both have gone their own ways to find personal and professional fulfillment.

A fresh chapter: Lothar and Marijana

After the ups and downs of his previous relationships, Lothar Matthäus opened his heart to love again when he met Marijana Kostić. Marijana, who was less in the public spotlight than Matthäus' previous partners, brought a new dynamic to the football star's life. Their relationship began at a time when Matthäus was already a force to be reckoned within international football and beyond as a celebrity and role model. They tied the knot in 2003, at a time when Matthäus was beginning to focus more on his career as a coach.

Living with media attention

Although Marijana Kostić was not so well known before her relationship with Matthäus, she quickly gained public interest through her marriage to him. As the wife of one of Germany's most famous footballers, she was often the focus of the media. The relationship seemed to offer Matthäus the stability he had been looking for in his previous relationships. Together, Marijana and Lothar formed a team that met the challenges of Lothar's career after his active time on the pitch.

No kids this time

Matthew's relationship with Marijana did not produce any children, which made their partnership different from his previous relationships in this respect. However, Marijana was part of a life that had already been shaped by Lothar's children from previous relationships. She entered a complex family structure that had been shaped by Matthew's previous partnerships and his role as a father. Despite not having children together, the couple seemed to lead a fulfilling life and supported each other in their personal and professional endeavors.

End of marriage number 3

Like many relationships that are in the public eye, the marriage between Lothar Matthäus and Marijana Kostić had to face its fair share of challenges. The exact circumstances that led to their separation have remained private, but in 2008 they announced that they were divorcing. Their separation marked the end of another significant phase in Matthew's personal life and his string of publicly pursued relationships.

Life after love

After her separation from Matthäus, Marijana Kostić largely withdrew from public life. Matthäus, however, remained a public figure, both in his professional career and in his private life, which always remained the subject of media speculation.

The relationship between Lothar Matthäus and Marijana Kostić remains a part of Matthäus' personal history that has shaped his life outside of sport. While both went their separate ways after their separation, their time together remains a testament to Matthäus' search for love and stability off the football pitch.

The beginning of a sensational relationship: Lothar and Liliana

Lothar Matthäus, whose love life became almost as famous as his football career, found a new partner in Liliana Nova, known as Liliana Matthäus after the wedding, who fascinated the public. Liliana, a model of Ukrainian origin, entered Lothar's life at a time when he already had many marriages behind him. Their relationship began and developed quickly, attracting a lot of media attention due to Lothar's high profile and Liliana's budding modeling career. The couple married in 2008 in a ceremony that, like many aspects of their relationship, was followed publicly and with great interest.

A partnership in the spotlight

From the very beginning, the marriage between Lothar and Liliana Nova was under intense media scrutiny. Liliana, considerably younger than Lothar, quickly found herself in the role of a footballer's wife, regularly appearing on the pages of gossip magazines. Appearances together on red carpets, at fashion events and at football matches were part of the couple's everyday life. This public attention seemed to both strengthen their relationship and bring challenges, as every detail of their life together was analyzed by the press and the public.

Their marriage started to collapse

Despite the apparent glamor and romance that surrounded their relationship, Lothar and Liliana were not immune to the difficulties that come with life in the spotlight. Reports of disagreements and conflict began to dominate the headlines, fueling speculation about the stability of their marriage. The exact reasons for the tensions in their relationship remained largely behind closed doors, but it became clear that the couple were facing challenges that went beyond the normal difficulties of marriage.

Divorce number 4

The marriage between Lothar Matthäus and Liliana Nova did not last long; they officially separated in 2010 and their divorce was finalized shortly afterwards in 2011. As with many aspects of their relationship, the separation was widely discussed in the media. After the divorce, both parties spoke publicly about their relationship, leading to further speculation and headlines.

Liliana Nova post divorce

After her divorce from Lothar Matthäus, Liliana Nova continued her career as a model and built her own life, which continued to be followed by the public. She remained a public figure, appeared at various events and was active on social media. Her relationship with Lothar Matthäus remains a prominent chapter in her life, but Liliana has shown that she is far more than just the ex-wife of a famous footballer. She is now the mother of a young daughter that she reportedly had with an American entrepreneur.

The end

The relationship between Lothar Matthäus and Liliana Nova, from passionate love to painful separation, illustrates the complexity of relationships that are under constant public scrutiny. While both have since gone their separate ways, their time together remains a defining feature of both their lives. Their story offers insight into the challenges and pressures that come with media attention.

Fifth wife: Anastasia Klimko

After several failed marriages and a series of relationships that attracted the attention of the media, Lothar Matthäus found love again in Anastasia Klimko. Anastasia, who was relatively unknown to the public compared to Matthäus' previous partners, brought a breath of fresh air into the football icon's life. Their relationship began discreetly, but over time they appeared together in public more and more often. The couple decided to get married, demonstrating their strong commitment and desire to go through life together.

A relationship far from the spotlight

In contrast to his previous relationships, Lothar Matthäus kept somewhat more in the background with Anastasia. Anastasia Klimko, who comes from Russia, brought a new perspective to Matthäus' life. Her presence seemed to give him stability and calm, which may have been lacking in his previous relationships. The couple managed to maintain a degree of privacy, despite Lothar's status as one of Germany's most famous footballers and Anastasia's growing fame through her relationship with him.

Another split for Lothar Matthäus

Lothar Matthäus and Anastasia Klimko's relationship was strengthened by the birth of their child, Milan. Milan brought new happiness into their lives and marked a new beginning for Matthäus, who was already a father from previous relationships.

Unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending. His marriage to Anastasia didn't last either; the couple divorced in 2021, as Der Spiegel reported at the time. Matthäus spoke about the split:

At some point, we realized that our interests had grown too far apart. There were no arguments, no trouble, no other partners. We get on well and are still friends.

Social media in a marriage

Unlike in his previous relationships, social media played a significant role in the relationship between Lothar Matthäus and Anastasia Klimko. Both occasionally shared glimpses into their private lives, making the public part of their moments together, from family vacations to everyday joys with their son.


The relationship between Lothar Matthäus and Anastasia Klimko reflected a maturity and calm that was very different from the turbulent stories of his previous love lives. With Anastasia and their child Milan, Matthäus had opened a new chapter that was characterized by familial warmth and stability.

In October last year (2023), the two were even seen kissing at the Oktoberfest, but it is not entirely clear whether they really made a romantic comeback, as Gala writes.

Lothar Matthäus' love life, as you now know, has been jam-packed with ups and downs. Characterized by several marriages and relationships, it has attracted just as much attention as his outstanding football career.

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