James Haskell and Chloe Madeley: Here's everything we know about the current state of their relationship

Former rugby star James Haskell seems to be undergoing some problems with his wife Chloe Madeley. Here's what is being speculated about the couple.

James Haskell Chloe Madeley relationship
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James Haskell Chloe Madeley relationship

With the Rugby World Cup happening in full swing, things are getting tense on the field, and off the field. With Prince George spotted having a whale of a time in the World Cup, most recently, all eyes were on the young royal.

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While things are picking up on some heat on-field, it is essential not to forget that the players have a whole other life off the field. From Owen Farrell and his dynamics with his father who coaches a different team, to Finn Russell and his long-drawn family history in professional sports, the family often gets entangled in life as a rugby player.

And speaking of family, all eyes are on James Haskell and Chloe Madeley, with so many speculations and rumors about their relationship hitting the fan. Here’s what is happening.

The case of the missing ring

The former England rugby player and his wife Chloe Madeley got married in 2018. And shocking their fans recently are rumors of a bitter feud between the couple.

It all started when Chloe was seen without her wedding band on a girl’s night out. And this gave some room for talk about their failing relationship. Right before this incident, James was spotted speaking to a mystery blonde woman on a night out at the celebrity hotspot Chiltern Firehouse. The woman was confirmed to be the PR professional called Martine Bridge, who James is said to have known for many years now. And ever since this incident occurred, no one has spotted the couple making a public appearance together.

While it is mere speculation to say that this outing with Bridge caused a rift, there surely seems to be something off about James and Chloe.

James takes a walk

Following Chloe’s night out without the ring, it became James’s turn to axe the accessory. A more recent image of James has been making its rounds online, as he is seen walking through the streets of London pushing his baby Bodhi on the pram. Given that his left hand was in perfect view of the camera, it was clear that his ring had come off too.

James was seen doing his daddy duties in a black tracksuit but without his wedding band.

In conversation with The Mirror, a representative speaking on behalf of James said the following about the incident at the nightclub.

The woman pictured is a friend of James’s group who he just met that night. They were simply having a conversation outside so there is nothing to this story.

But this isn’t the first time Chloe has gotten upset with James being caught on camera with other women.

The other incident

Chloe once revealed that thebiggest row she has with her husband Jamesis the fact that she was unhappy with her husband posting pictures of scantily clad women on social media while he DJ'd in Ibiza. She was extremely distressed with James allegedly posting snaps of other girls a**** as per her conversation with The Sun.

She shed light on her conversation with her husband, on her ITV show, Chloe Madeley: A Family Affair, when she said the following.

My argument was, 'I don't mind that that is your job, but I don't want you putting it on social media when everyone knows I'm your wife.

Amidst all these rumors, a source close to the couple told New! Magazine the following about their relationship dynamics, in support of the strong relationship the couple share.

Although they have explosive rows, Chloe and James really are stronger than ever. But no matter what the argument is, they'll be fine afterwards and brush it under the carpet.

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