Carol Kirkwood gets married in 'romantic' ceremony: Who is Steve Randall?

On 29 December, Carol Kirkwood's colleagues on BBC Breakfast announced that she got married this week! But who is her now husband?

Carol Kirkwood marries Steve Randall
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Carol Kirkwood marries Steve Randall

Carol Kirkwood is the weather reporter for BBC Breakfast. She has been in a relationship with a ‘mystery’ boyfriend since 2021. Before her new relationship, she was married to Jimmy Kirkwood, a former field hockey player.

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The pair married in 1990, but the couple later divorced in 2008, after 18 years of marriage. In 2018, Carol Kirkwood opened up about her life since the divorce and how she found herself:

I found myself when I got divorced. I started to do things and to think, 'I'm not going to say no, I'm going to say yes!'

Over 10 years later, the long-standing weather reporter has found love once again but is determined to keep it private. But, on 29 December it was announced live on BBC Breakfast that the two got married! Here’s what we know about her ‘mystery’ fiancé and the 'intimate' ceremony.

Carol Kirkwood marries Steve Randall

This a surprise announcement made live on TV this morning! Carol Kirkwood married her long-time partner Steve Randall. Naga Munchetty said:

Carol, obviously Carol Kirkwood our friend and colleague, has got married. She married her partner Steve this week.

Then, the hosts shared a message given by Kirkwood herself in which she described the ceremony. She gushed:

It was the most perfect and romantic and intimate wedding. We are both so incredibly happy.

A picture of the couple on their wedding day was shared by BBC Breakfast host Sally Nugent.

A private relationship

In 2021, Carol Kirkwood revealed live on television that she was in a new relationship but preferred to keep his identity a secret. Since then, she has only ever referred to her ‘mystery’ boyfriend by his first name, Steve.

Then, in May 2021, she revealed that she and her ‘mystery’ boyfriend are now engaged. Despite being engaged, Kirkwood still hadn’t revealed who her partner was but was happy to talk about him and be seen in public together.

Indeed the couple were seen in January 2023 at the Radio Times covers Party in Claridge's in London. In 2021, Kirkwood described her new partner as the ‘best thing that has ever happened to me'.

She told Prima Magazine:

I don't want to say too much about my boyfriend, but I will say that he is very kind and very funny – he's always making me laugh. And extremely handsome, as well.
He is the best thing that's ever happened to me, without a shadow of a doubt.

What you need to know about Steve Randall

Daily Mail is the tabloid that revealed the identity of Carol Kirkwood’s ‘mystery’ fiancé. According to them, Steve Randall is also a divorcee. He was married to Nichola Randall for 12 years and together they had a son. The couple split in 2017.

The tabloid goes on to reveal that Randall is a police officer and an amateur runner. Indeed Randall has completed at least 2 marathons, including one dubbed ‘the toughest foot race in the world’.

In 2013, he took part in the South Downs half marathon and then a year later he took part in the Marathon Des Sables in the Moroccan desert.

Kirkwood and Randall, who have a 13-year age gap, now live together in Carol’s home worth £2M. The couple live in a gated community in Berkshire along the banks of the river Thames.

One resident of the complex told Daily Mail:

Steve's a great bloke, very friendly and easy to talk to. You don't see him and Carol out and about that much but when you do, they like walking along the Thames.

Another neighbour said:

Steve and Carol are very popular members of this community. You sometimes see them walking around and it's obvious that they're both very happy.
They've always got time for a chat with us and we're all really happy for them.

How the relationship began

Carol Kirkwood is generally really private about her relationship with Steve Randall, but speaking with Closer, she has given a rare insight into the beginning of their relationship. As reported by Hello!, the weather presenter revealed she wasn't planning on getting into a relationship when she met Steve:

Neither of us were looking for romance and there it was, it just evolves. It's so lovely. Who'd have thought that at this ripe old age, I'd be getting married again? I certainly didn't.

She then explained that she and Steve were friends for a while before getting into a relationship:

We were friends before we became romantically involved so we knew each other quite well before we started dating. That was nice because it just kind of happened.

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