Emmanuel Macron: Who is the French President's sister Estelle?

Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, has a brother and a sister. Without further ado, here's who his sister is, answering to the sweet name of Estelle.

Estelle Macron Emmanuel Macron
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Estelle Macron Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron is a French politician, born on December 21, 1977, in Amiens, northern France. He became President of the French Republic on May 14, 2017, after winning the presidential election against Marine Le Pen.

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Brigitte Macron's husband studied at the École nationale d'administration (ENA) and worked in the civil service before joining the investment bank Rothschild & Co. In 2012, he became deputy secretary general of the presidency under François Hollande's government, later serving as minister of the economy, industry and digital affairs from 2014 to 2016.

In 2016, Emmanuel Macron founded his own centrist political movement, En Marche! (now called La République En Marche!), to transcend traditional left-right divides. His 2017 presidential campaign was marked by a pro-European message and liberal economic reforms. At the time of his election, he became the youngest president in French history. Generating considerable interest due to his centrist political stance, innovative style and ambitious reforms, particularly in the economic and social spheres. However, his term was also marked by challenges, including protests against some of his reforms and criticism of his style of governance.

While Emmanuel Macron, the French President, is a widely scrutinized public figure, his sister Estelle Macron is in the shadows, despite her impressive professional career. So, who is she?

A family devoted to medicine

The Macron family line is deeply rooted in the medical field. Estelle was born in 1982, into a family where medicine reigned supreme. Her father, Jean-Michel Macron, a medical doctor and renowned professor of neurology, shares his knowledge by giving medical courses at the Amiens University Hospital. His mother, Françoise Noguès, works closely with the French social security system. She is a medical advisor.

Jean-Michel and Françoise Macron had four children. Sadly, the first died at birth. They then had three children: Emmanuel, then Laurent, born in 1979, who is a radiologist in the Paris region, and Estelle, born in 1982, who is a nephrologist.

A discrete nephrologist in Toulouse

Based in the Toulouse region, Estelle is a passionate nephrologist. She shares her life with Carl Franjou, an engineer with whom she is married.

Despite her brother Emmanuel Macron's success on the political scene, Estelle prefers to keep a certain distance from the media. She has always refused to answer journalists' questions and has therefore remained in the background, particularly during her brother's presidential campaign. Even the authors of the book Les Macron, Caroline Derrien and Candice Nedelec, were unable to obtain her testimony.

Absent from her brother's presidential campaign

During Emmanuel Macron's presidentialcampaign in 2017, Estelle deliberately chose to remain in the background. Her discretion was also particularly noticeable on the evening of May 7, 2017, on the esplanade of the Louvre, where she was absent due to her pregnancy.

Estelle Macron embodies discretion within the French presidential family. Despite her impressive career as a nephrologist, she prefers to maintain a respectful distance from the media, refusing to get caught up in the media whirlwind surrounding her elder brother, President Emmanuel Macron.

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