Pulling-out method: Here's the truth about how effective it really is

The pull out method, is it really an option if you're trying to practise safe sex?

Is the pulling-out method effective?
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Is the pulling-out method effective?

We’ve all been there. You want to get down with someone, but you don’t have a condom or any other kind of birth control involved! Should just use the trusty, old pull-out method, right? As long as it’s timed right, you can avoid a scare. Well, it may be a bit more complicated than that. In reality, the pull-out method still comes with some risks to consider, and it isn’t foolproof either. According to LoveHoney, who partnered with sex expert Ness Cooper, 15% of Brits believe the pull-out method is an effective form of birth control.

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There are actually a couple of reasons for the pull-out method. In theory, there is truth to the sentiment that a well-timed withdrawal can at least prevent a pregnancy. The better you are about keeping any ejaculant from coming in contact with the vagina, the better. So, in that sense, it is better than nothing.It can be effective as an extra precaution in collaboration with other birth control methods.

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However, there may be more to consider. It’s a rarity, but precum can carry sperm. Aside from that, it’s not easy in fact to always be sure that you’ve pulled out effectively. It’s estimated by experts that around 1 in 5 users of the pull-out method still end in pregnancy.

It also may go without saying that if you are not using any protection, you also increase your risk of contracting or giving someone an STI.So, the pull-out method basically does nothing to prevent that.

LoveHoney says:

Whilst precum often only contains trace amounts of active sperm there is a possibility someone could get pregnant from penetration that has pre-ejaculation. This means that the pull-out method isn’t always reliable.

LoveHoney also revealed that 1 in 3 Brits tend not to seek out sexual health advice and in reality, porn is used as sexual health advice for 1 in 10 men.

What are your thoughts?

Given the pros and the cons, now it’s up to you to decide if it is best to take the risks associated with using the pull-out method. On its own, it has some limitations. However, pulling out combined with other methods can increase your likelihood of not getting pregnant. Above all, it is always important to be as careful and safe when it comes to sex!

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