The secret to great sex may have to do with how much sun you get

Could something as simple as sunshine really effect our sex lives? Turns out it just might!

Does vitamin D help with sex?
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Does vitamin D help with sex?

It’s that all-important vitamin we all love, and the reason we crave getting some sunlight. While we all know that catching some rays and/or taking supplements for your dose of vitamin D is essential to your overall health. However, did you know that it can do wonders for your libido as well? Especially in these cold and grey times, where the mood and drive can suffer, maybe this will make you reach for more vitamin D for a boost!

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How it helps your sex life

There has been much research done by the scientific community which highlights all the different ways vitamin D can help your sex life. In healthy women, it has been found by various studies that high vitamin D levels are associated with higher scores in sexual desire and satisfaction.

In men, it has been found to have similar results. Compared to men with vitamin D deficiency, men with healthy levels were found to have increased levels of sexual desire and satisfaction, as well as decreased instances of erectile dysfunction. Across the board, the signs seem to be the same!

What does that mean for us?

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A higher level of vitamin D is essential for many aspects of life by helping with skin, bone, nail and hair health, among others. By also being associated with higher amounts of sex hormones in healthy study participants, coupled with their reporting higher sexual satisfaction, we can postulate that this mighty vitamin has an effect on our sex lives as well!

While the correlation with these important sex hormones is still being studied, with signs like these, it might be time to get some vitamin D supplements!

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