This Is What Your Favourite Sex Positions Say About Your Personality
This Is What Your Favourite Sex Positions Say About Your Personality
This Is What Your Favourite Sex Positions Say About Your Personality
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This Is What Your Favourite Sex Position Says About Your Personality

By James Guttridge

Do you like cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl or missionary? Find out what your favourite sex position says about you…

Tell us what your favourite position is, and we’ll tell you who you are! There are many sex positions, a total of 64 in the Kamasutra. And let's be honest, few have tried all of them. We all have our favourite sex positions, the ones we often do because they feel good. But what do they say about you? Read on to see our analysis.


This position, where you are on top, is for those who like to take the lead. So we're dealing with a free, independent and confident woman!



This is one of the most popular sex positions. There is something very animal about this position, a dominant-dominated relationship. This person is cheeky because this position allows you to reach areas of intense pleasure such as the G spot, but they are also lazy!


Spoons sex

Interlocking together, this position is for romantic and quiet souls. This is a reassuring position that shows that you are in symbiosis with your partner. You're a calming force!



He's on top. This is probably THE position where you have the least to do, you are simply receiving pleasure. This position is very appealing to men who like to see their other half receiving pleasure. He's a romantic. This is the position of a loving union.

Standing up

For the more active, or simply when there is no bed at your disposal, making love standing up is for adventurous people, who like to get out of their comfort zone.



He is kneeling, you are lying facing him with your legs raised to rest on his shoulders. You don't like classic things, on the contrary, you're the type to think outside the box. You are not afraid to take on challenges.



The man is sitting, the woman sits facing him and surrounds him with her legs. The lotus position means that you are committed to this relationship and that you feel confident. You are passionate.


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