Boris Johnson to join GB news amid Covid inquiry chaos: ‘Should be taken off air ASAP’

Boris Johnson is giving evidence to Britain's Covid Inquiry on Wednesday 6 December. As he looks back at his career as PM, here's what's next for the former politician.

Boris Johnson to join GB news amid Covid inquiry chaos
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Boris Johnson to join GB news amid Covid inquiry chaos

Boris Johnson was the UK’s Prime Minister from 2019 to 2022, he resigned in 2022 after it was revealed that he had lied about knowing one of his party members had sexual assault allegations against him. A year after resigning as PM, Boris Johnson is facing a grilling over the government's response to the coronavirus pandemic. However, all is not lost for BJ: he is set to take on a new role. Earlier this year, he shared on X (formerly known as Twiter) that he will be joining GB News.

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Since the information was shared, several social media users have shared their thoughts on Boris Johnson joining the controversial TV channel. Indeed there has been an ongoing investigation on Dan Wootton, the former presenter of GB News.

Some MPs from the Conservative Party have also shared their opinions on Boris Johnson joining GB News.

Boris Johnson is joining GB News

On October 27, it was announced on X that Boris Johnson would be a presenter on GB News. The news channel and Johnson shared a video on the social media platform. Johnson said that he is ‘very much looking forward to joining GB News’. Boris Johnson will join the channel in the new year

In the video, Johnson said that he will share his ‘frank opinions on world affairs’ and that the country’s ‘best days are yet to come’.

I will be talking about the immense opportunities for Global Britain - as well as the challenges - and why our best days are yet to come.

The public is not happy about Boris Johnson joining GB News

After the news was shared on social media, users were quick to share their thoughts on the new GB News host. Indeed many X users were not pleased with the fact that Jonhson would be joining the ranks.

One user wrote:

Should be taken off air ASAP

Another implied that GB News is running out of people to host:

Bottom of the barrel

Finally, one user wrote:

You presenting the lying hour

Boris Johnson isn’t the first Tory to join GB News

Another common theme circling social media is that GB News is becoming a Tory channel with Boris Johnson joining GB News since the channel is already home to a number of Conservative PMs. The following comments can be found on X:

CPNews channel. 24hour Conservative party propaganda channel.
It’s Tory TV 🤷‍♂️
GBN home for failed politicians, so true …

Social media users are referencing the fact that Lee Anderson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Philip Davies are also hosts on GB News.

The three have shown their support for the former PM. Anderson told GB News:

GB News is here to stay and is the true voice of the nation.
Watch the viewers of other stations now flock to the already massive audience of GB News. Welcome Boris.

Rees-Mogg added that Johnson joining the ranks is ‘excellent news, rejoice’.

Philip Davies said:

I think this is a fantastic development for GB News.
Boris is the biggest and most recognisable political figure of his generation and I am certain will build a huge audience.

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Boris Johnson set for an explosive few days as former team to reveal all before Covid inquiry Boris Johnson set for an explosive few days as former team to reveal all before Covid inquiry