‘Staggering irony’: Boris Johnson’s new job has triggered some intense reactions

The former PM has secured himself a role that seems unlikely, given his behaviour while in office.

Boris Johnson’s new job intense reactions democracy
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Boris Johnson’s new job intense reactions democracy

Boris Johnson, after having become a new dad (again) this summer, has gone and got himself a new job. However, not everyone is convinced that he is well suited to the role, given his less-than-spotless track record as Prime Minister.

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Boris is to be appointed to the advisory board of the International Democracy Union (IDU). The IDU is a global centre-right group whose stated mission is the promotion of ‘democracy and centre-right policies around the globe’.

As you can probably imagine, politicians and commentators have had a field day reacting to this development. Here’s what everyone has to say.

The announcement of Boris Johnson’s new job

The group took to X on Tuesday 17 October to welcome their new addition:

The IDU is excited to announce that PM Boris Johnson has joined our Honorary Advisory Board.
His extensive experience as a statesman will be of tremendous help as we work towards building an ever-stronger alliance of the centre-right! Welcome to the IDU, Prime Minister!

Let’s have a quick refresher on Boris' time as Prime Minister: he was chucked out of office after a messy culmination of scandals, having unlawfully suspended parliament, restricted the right to vote and protest, and lied to MPs.

It’s also relevant to point out that throughout his career and marriages, he has had several affairs - one of which led to the birth of a daughter with whom he is thought to have no contact.

Reactions to Boris’ new role

Unsurprisingly, people have a lot to say about this decision. Many were quick to point out that Boris is actually no longer PM, like this Byline Times reader:

He appears to have fooled the IDU into thinking he is Prime Minister.

Director of Policy at Best for Britain, Tom Brufatto, was also disappointed:

There is a staggering irony in Boris Johnson – the man who unlawfully prorogued parliament, eroded voters’ democratic rights with the Election’s Bill, and was found to have deliberately misled Parliament and the country during the pandemic – providing advice on the promotion of democracy.
He should have no further influence on our or anyone else’s politics.

On social media platform X, many have been quick to comment. @blisswords stated:

We put up with Boris Johnson in 10 Downing Street throughout his lies and fraud. That's an affront to democracy.

Another user, @Maturin88759491, asked:

Not entirely sure how Boris Johnson's extensive experience as a liar and a philanderer are going to assist democracy. Any ideas?

So, will Boris Johnson prove all of these critics wrong? Only time will tell.

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