Rare photo of Boris Johnson’s baby shows just how similar father and son are

Boris and wife Carrie had their third baby last year.

Rare photo of Boris Johnson’s baby Frankie
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Rare photo of Boris Johnson’s baby Frankie

Boris Johnson is a controversial figure in the world of politics, and this leaks into his personal life as well. After several accounts of infidelity from a colourful dating life that has led to many children, it’s fair to say that Boris has a certain reputation.

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However, the former Prime Minister has been married to his current wife Carrie for over two years. The pair tied the knot in 2021 and have three children together. Carrie recently shared a snap of Boris and their latest addition to the gang, little Frankie, who was born in summer 2023. The picture, posted to her Instagram story, had viewers noticing the similarities between father and son.

Boris and Carrie’s relationship

Boris and Carrie’s relationship has caused a bit of drama in the past. Back in 2018, news broke that Boris' ex-wife, Marina Wheeler, threw him out of their marital home over rumours there was another ‘blonde’ woman in his life. This was around the same time that suspicions around Boris and Carrie’s relationship started to gain traction.

In 2022 then-PM Boris Johnson was challenged in the House of Commons over his involvement in Carrie’s career. Reports suggested that he had brought forward the idea of appointing his lover Carrie to the £100,000-a-year position of Chief of Staff at the Foreign Office. This allegedly dated back to 2018, and Boris didn’t deny the claim.

Now, the pair are happily married and the scandal over their relationship has died down. Carrie shares occasional updates about family life online.

Carrie’s rare snap of her youngest child

Indeed, Carrie shared a photo of Frankie in his dad’s arms on Monday 22 January. She usually hides the faces of her children - previous snaps of Wildred and Romy at Christmas showed the kids with hearts over their faces. However, on this occasion she showed just a little of baby Frankie’s face as he stared at Boris.

Despite the fact that there is very little face to see, social media users are surprised by the similarities between Boris and his son. It’s true that Frankie’s nose and chin - and most notably expression - are reflected in his father’s face. Frankie is Boris and Carrie’s youngest child, and the family live in a £3.8m moated mansion in Oxfordshire.

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