Molly-Mae obsessed with another baby girl name and it’s just as unique as Bambi

Molly-Mae Hague has recently revealed another name she had in mind for Bambi but didn’t choose. Disclaimer: it’s just as unique as Bambi!

Molly-Mae Baby name Bambi Brandy
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Molly-Mae Baby name Bambi Brandy

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury welcomed their first child last year in January. The two surprised the world with their pregnancy and then further added to the surprise when they revealed the name of the baby girl as Bambi.

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The boxer has previously revealed how naming their daughter Bambi wasn’t his first choice but he couldn’t say no to Molly-Mae.

Molly-Mae reveals the alternate name she had in mind for Bambi

The former PLT creative director and social media influencer has now revealed that she had another name in mind for Bambi and it’s just as unique as Bambi. During a recent Q&A on Instagram, the 24-year-old was asked if she had any other names in her mind she wanted to use for her baby, confirms TheMirror.

Telling her 7.9 million Instagram followers, she shared that she is ‘obsessed’ with the name Brandy. Molly-Mae said:

At the moment I'm obsessed with the baby girl name ‘Brandy.’

Hinting that she wouldn’t choose the name anymore for any of her future kids, she added:

Would never use it because too similar to Bambi but I think it's very cute/cool. Any individual/quirky names I just love.
Also, I think boys names are SO hard. I genuinely don't have one name that I love for the future if we needed one.

This comes after Tommy once shared how he wanted to have a son when they got to know their first child would be a girl.

Are Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury planning to have more kids?

Tommy’s famous boxer brother Tyson Fury has a big family of seven children - something that even he had dreamt about with Molly-Mae. Tyson and Paris have a very cordial relationship with Tommy and Molly-Mae with Paris even insisting that she would like their kids to have a good relationship.

However, Tommy’s dream of a big family may be far-fetched as Molly-Mae has no plans of having more kids as of now. After giving birth to Bambi last year, Molly shared that she can’t imagine herself having a family of four kids.

According to The Mirror, she has put off having more kids for some time now. Molly-Mae shared:

Every part of motherhood kind of took me by surprise to be completely honest. I think I'd be massively lying if I sat here and said, ‘Yeah, I still want to have like four children, I still want to have a humongous family.’
It's a massive challenge just to look after one baby. I actually physically don't know if I'd be able to look after another baby. People say that the jump from one to two is absolutely insane.

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