This is what Paris Fury thinks about her relationship with 'busy' sister-in-law Molly-Mae

Molly-Mae Hague has a famous and fabulous sister-in-law - Paris Fury. Here’s a look into their relationship and everything we know about them.

Molly-Mae Hague and Paris Fury's relationship
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Molly-Mae Hague and Paris Fury's relationship

Molly-Mae Hague entered a pretty famous family when she found love with Tommy Fury on ITV2’s dating reality show. The two got engaged this year in Ibiza and will eventually tie the knot after 2024. Meanwhile, Tommy Fury’s half-brother Tyson Fury is already married to Paris Fury and has 7 kids with her.

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The fury family is pretty close to each other and that also remains true for their wives and fiancés. Molly-Mae Hague and Paris Fury have also grown close to each other over the last few years.

Paris Fury’s surprise at Molly-Mae's Netflix comment

Tommy and Molly made a small appearance in Tyson Fury and Paris Fury’s recent Netflix docu-series. Molly praised the mother of seven and called her a ’wonder woman’ for doing what she does and handling a family of 7.

Seeing Molly’s comment, Paris was surprised and shared mutual emotions as of her future sister-in-law. According to MailOnline, the two appear to share a good relationship as Paris said:

I was actually really surprised that Molly-Mae spoke highly of me and my world. It's lovely to hear people's opinion of you.
I think the same of her – she's a clever young lady who's really switched-on.

She added:

Regrettably, we don't get to see them much at the moment.
Tyson and I met Bambi early on, and now Molly-Mae and Tommy are so busy. But hopefully there will be time soon.

This comes as Paris and Molly-Mae used to often hang around together and see each other at ringsides.

Molly-Mae and Paris Fury’s relationship over the years

Molly-Mae’s first meeting with Tyson Fury and Paris Fury took place in 2019 after Tommy and Molly flew to Las Vegas shortly after their Love Island stint to offer support for Tyson while he was fighting Otto Wallin. OK! Magazine confirmed that their first meeting was at a press conference where Paris was ‘lovely.’

The former PLT creative director further went on to strengthen her relationship with Paris as they were often seen together at parties and events. The two actively posted each other’s pictures on their Instagram stories whenever they met ringside to support the Fury family.

Meanwhile, Paris announced Molly-Mae as ‘Mrs Fury’ in 2020 as she posted a story with her sister-in-laws. The two have shared multiple birthday posts for each other in the past and publicly praised each other as well. However, Molly and Paris find it difficult to spend time together now as all of them are busy in their own lives.

After the birth of Paris and Tyson’s 7th child - Rico, Paris expressed her desire for Rico and Bambi to be close. She said:

It would be really nice for the baby and their daughter Bambi, to be close, but our lives are just so busy.
Tommy’s in a training camp ready to fight in a few weeks, Tyson is off in his training camp, I’m at home with a newborn, Molly’s off doing her businesses. It’s hard to make that time and it’s a shame. We need to get that time together because they grow up so fast.

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