Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury: An update about their relationship amid split rumours

Love Island’s most loved couple Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury sparked split rumours recently. Here’s what’s happening with them!

Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury: An update about their relationship amid split rumours
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Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury: An update about their relationship amid split rumours

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are relationship goals for many people around the UK. The two have been together since 2019 when they first met on Love Island. 2023 was a big year for the couple as they welcomed their first child together and also got engaged in Ibiza.

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However, rumours about trouble in paradise rose when Molly Mae removed her engagement ring and Tommy was spotted partying with girls in Dubai.

Molly-Mae opens up on split rumours from Tommy Fury

After speculations about her split from Tommy Fury, Molly-Mae took matters in her hand as she spoke about what’s been happening with her and boxer beau. The former PLT creative director admitted that she had been 'going through it in more ways than one' in her most recent YouTube video, confirmed MailOnline.

Talking about what’s been happening behind the scenes, Molly addressed that everyone has been asking her about ‘how things are’ with Tommy. The mother of one added that being in a relationship in the public eye comes with its struggle but she has grown a thick skin and doesn’t pay much attention to it. However, she did hint things have been rough for her. Molly shared:

Guys, I don't really know what to come on here and tell you right now. I know how bad I look. Trust me, however bad I look, I feel 20 times worse.
What I would say, having a relationship in the public eye, you deal with things that people in private relationships deal with but obviously everyone is commenting on it and everyone sees it and everyone's all eyes, it's like a fishbowl, that's quite tricky.
Things that people deal with in private or maybe they don't deal with it, everyone has different things they deal with in their relationship and lives, sometimes it's tricky that things aren't always going to be perfect and aren't always going to be sunshine and roses - but when they aren't you have millions of people giving their opinion on it and talking about it.
I think it's so sweet that people are checking in and want to make sure we're okay but honestly I'm fine, it's just another day at the office.
You can't have a relationship in the public eye and then not expect things to be in the public eye and spoken about when things don't go to plan, do you know what I'm saying?

Body language expert reveals what’s happening behind the scenes

This comes as the couple was spotted walking hand in hand but Molly was still not wearing her engagement ring. Seeing how this was the same girl who had been waiting to be engaged to the love of her life, fans found it rather odd.

According to body language expert Judi James, the latest photos may show the couple's 'united front' but they also signal that Tommy still has considerable making up to do. Speaking to The Sun, Judi revealed:

Their hands are clasped and the fingers meshed, with Tommy’s hand firmly on top to suggest a protective stance. His head is dipped here and his hand is in his pocket, suggesting he has been put in the dog house.
He seems to throw an eye-checking glance at Molly-Mae in what looks like a bid to get a reciprocal smile and loving eye contact, but she is still looking away with a distant gaze and that ring still seems to be missing from her finger.

Judi pointed out that the removed engagement ring isn’t the only thing Tommy has lost, it’s also her ‘signature smile and her happy, trusting eye expression.’ She added:

That huge diamond can go up and down Molly-Mae’s finger like a yo-yo but it’s the open and adoring eye contact and the approving smile that Tommy needs to be winning back.

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