Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury finally announce birth of baby but they could be keeping another secret

Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury have finally revealed the birth of their first child to the world. Here’s what we know about little baby Fury.

Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury: Here’s everything we know about their baby
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Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury: Here’s everything we know about their baby

Former Love Island couple Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury revealed last night on Instagram that they’ve given birth to their first child. Baby Fury – whose name is still unknown – was born on January 23, which makes her an Aquarius.

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Parental promises

Breaking the news on her Instagram, Molly shared a picture of herself with her ‘little one,’ as she made the promise to love her one-week-old angel. While she only captioned the baby’s birth post with her birthdate, in an Instagram story, she wrote:

I can’t believe we get to keep you forever.
Becoming your mum is the best thing to ever happen to me…it doesn’t seem possible but my love for you grows with each passing moment.
There is no feeling like holding you in my arms, little one, my heart literally explodes.

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Molly-Mae's message to Baby Fury @mollymae/Instagram
Thank you for entering this world safely for us and blessing us with the gift of being your parents.
We promise to love and care for you unconditionally forever.

Sharing a picture of him with the baby, Tommy wrote on his story:

I’ll protect you forever my little girl.
Tommy's message for Baby Fury @tommyfury/Instagram

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Baby names speculation

Regardless of whether someone is a Molly-Mae fan or not, the cloud imagery that surrounds the baby is a pretty well-known concept. Fans have since months tried the best of their logic, investigation and theories to figure out Baby Fury’s first name. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Nephele Fury

According to Her Magazine, one fan has claimed on TikTok that Molly-Mae and Tommy are going to name their daughter – Nephele Fury.

After Molly previously claimed that her baby’s name would either be ‘loved or hated’ by everyone, fans believe Nephele – which means ‘cloud’ in Greek – is Baby Fury’s name.


Meanwhile, Mirror revealed that a fan has also alleged Baby Fury’s name is ‘Bambi.’ Taking to TikTok, the fan explained the ‘unusual and different name’:

I know the name. Somebody I know who is close to Molly's manager's family or something knows the name. It's Bambi.

Halo Fury

After home décor account Neo Home shared photos of a nursery that looked pretty much like Molly-Mae’s nursery, fans also theorised that Baby Fury will be called ‘Halo.’ The snaps showed a minimalist aesthetic nursery with a neon sign that read ‘Halo,’ written over it.

The Love Island couple could be purposely keeping the baby's name a secret, given that they also kept the birth private for a week. It is also possible that they have not decided on the name for their little girl yet.

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