Boris Johnson on the verge of making a dramatic comeback as Prime Minister? Here's what we know

The ex-PM is in a strong position as the leadership contest heats up.

Boris Johnson could be on the verge of making an dramatic comeback as PM
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Boris Johnson could be on the verge of making an dramatic comeback as PM

After Liz Truss’s resignation as Prime Minister yesterday, Conservatives MPs are rushing to find the 100 nominations necessary for a leadership bid. One MP who has not ruled out an unlikely comeback is ex-PM, Boris Johnson.

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It is believed Johnson still has much support in his party with Jacob Rees-Mogg being the first cabinet minister to open show support stating, according to Sky News, ‘I'm backing Boris #BorisorBust.’


Boris Johnson could make a dramatic comeback as PM Bloomberg - Getty Images

The Conservative party has definitely been having a turbulent time at the moment after the extraordinary resignation of Liz Truss yesterday, becoming the shortest serving Prime Minister in British history. Some question whether it is a good time to put Johnson back after he resigned in disgrace with much of the public against him back in July.

Johnson has been on holiday this last week in the Dominican Republic and is believed to be on his way back now, though has not formally declared his intention to join the leadership contest. According to the BBC:

His father Stanley told ITV he understood his son was on a plane back to the UK, but would not be drawn on whether he would stand.

Other candidates

Appointing Boris would be a divisive move amongst the Conservative party with some saying they believe he is the only one with an official mandate from the people, having won a general election. Others members, however, have stated they ‘would quit politics if he came back’, in a BBC report.

Other candidates that have been put forward include Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt and defence secretary Ben Wallace. Many see Sunak as the favourite, with The Guardian reporting:

Team Rishi is preparing a coordinated push of MPs to tweet in support this evening, when he is expected to get a flood of declarations. “It will all be over by Monday night,” one ally predicted.

With the country in political turmoil, the Conservative party will be hoping to restore some stability amongst its ranks and for the UK in general as soon as possible.

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