War in Ukraine: This is why Boris Johnson was yelled at by a Ukrainian activist

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been confronted by a Ukrainian activist at a press conference in Warsaw, Poland.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson yelled at by Ukrainian activist
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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson yelled at by Ukrainian activist

Johnson was giving a media conference with the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki when campaigner Daria Kaleniuk challenged him during a question and answer segment.

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Kaleniuk made an emotional speech beratingJohnson for the UK’s failure to initiate swift sanctions against Russian residents in London, as well as the collective refusal of NATO countries to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine. She said:

Ukrainian women and Ukrainian children are in deep fear because of bombs and missiles which are going from the sky. Ukrainian people are desperately asking for the rights to protect our sky, we are asking for a no-fly zone.
What’s the alternative for the no-fly zone? Nato is not willing to defend because Nato is afraid of world war three but it’s already started and its Ukrainian children who are there taking the hit.

The incident follows widespread criticism that the UK has been slow to respond to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Turning away Ukrainian refugees

France’s interior minister accused the British government of displaying a ‘lack of humanity’ after 150 Ukrainian refugees, including women and children, were turned away in Calais for not having the necessary visas.

It’s alleged the refugees were told to travel back to Paris to apply for the visas that would give them permission to cross the Channel.

During a visit to a help centre, Home Secretary Priti Patel was asked if she had made it ‘too difficult’ for refugees to be admitted, after – unlike the EU – the government declined to waive visa rules:

Nearly 12,000 have indicated that they’d like to come, over 5,000 have submitted applications, Ms Patel was told.
As of today, only 50 have been approved. So, given the desperation, how is it acceptable that only 1 per cent of UK visa applications have been granted? Are you making it too difficult?
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson yelled at by Ukrainian activist SOPA Images / Getty Images

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The UK finally takes action

On Monday, it was announced that Boris Johnson will hold talks with the Canadian and Dutch prime ministers in London as Western powers negotiate further sanctions on Russia.

It follows the allocation of an additional $100m (£74m) directly to Ukraine's government to help relieve its financial pressures as a result of Russia’s ‘unprovoked and illegal invasion.’ The statement from Downing Street said:

This grant could be used to support public sector salaries, allowing critical state functions to keep operating, as well as to support social safety nets and pensions for the Ukrainian people.

Johnson said:

While only Putin can fully end the suffering in Ukraine, today’s new funding will continue to help those facing the deteriorating humanitarian situation.

On Sunday, the PM proposed a six-point plan for the international community to support Ukraine. Johnson wrote in The New York Times:

We cannot allow the Kremlin to bite off chunks of an independent country and inflict immense human suffering and then creep back intothe fold.
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