This Russian general claims that Russia is at 'war with the whole world'

Russia's war against Ukraine will soon enter its third month. Russian army general clarifies the future plans for the country.

Russia at war against the whole world
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Russia at war against the whole world

The Ukraine war is not going as Putin imagined—he was wrong about several factors and now has his back to the wall. A new statement was issued by a general major of the Russian army that elaborates on Russia's further plans regarding Ukraine.

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Russia against the rest of the world?

BILDreports that according to Rustam Minnekayev, the deputy commander of the Central Military District, Russia apparently is at war ‘with the whole world’.

The Russian military man said that the current war is in parallel to the ‘Great Patriotic War’ in the World War II. He feels that the movement is even more elevated since the other countries ‘didn’t like Russia in the first place.’

Second phase of the war

Minnekaev also talks about what Russia's other goals are in the second phase of the war against Ukraine. The aim is to conquer the Donbas and establish ‘complete control over the south of Ukraine’. In addition, a ‘land corridor to Crimea’ is to be created and ‘vital objects of the Ukrainian armed forces’ are to be weakened, including the Black Sea ports.

Mikhail Svetlov

The insinuations directly contradict Vladimir Putin's earlier claims that Russia did not intend to occupy Ukrainian cities permanently, and they suggest that the Kremlin is changing course following its failed offensive against Kyiv, which appeared to pursue regime change.

Russian propaganda has been known for using the past to glorify Russia's role in World War II and justify the Ukraine war.

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