Zodiac: You should never go on summer vacation with these 4 signs

Summer is finally here, and it's time to get ready for vacation. Some signs may find it hard to leave their daily routine behind for a few days and can become unbearable when travelling.

Zodiac: You shouldn't go on summer vacation with these 4 signs
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Zodiac: You shouldn't go on summer vacation with these 4 signs

The stars have their say in summer too. It's finally the time of year when we are all planning our summer holidays! Some people may be going on holiday with their family while others are planning a trip with their friends.

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However, if you believe in the zodiac, you should be careful who you go on holiday with as their astrological sign might make the whole trip a complete failure! Certain zodiac signs have certain bad traits which in some situations, it can make it almost impossible to get along and have a good time.

So be careful who you chose to go on holiday with and be sure to check their zodiac sign to know what you're getting yourself into before making plans.

Virgos are true control freaks

As the heat rises all you can think about is vacation. Perhaps you've already been planning your trip for several months, and you think you've chosen the best person to go with you. However, some astrological signs are not the best globetrotters.

Some vacations can spoil friendships or love affairs. Virgos can be very demanding and need to plan everything. Improvisation is out of the question for this zodiac sign, who will have concocted a whole vacation program. So forget lazing on the beach and sleeping in.

On vacation, Virgos know exactly where to spend the night and leave nothing to chance. This can be tricky for a sign like Cancer, who loves beautiful beaches and longs for peace and quiet. The same goes for Aquarius, who is rather free-spirited.

Aries are known to be stubborn

Whether on vacation or in everyday life, Aries can be demanding and stubborn. If they're not happy, they'll be quick to make it known and complain. This zodiac sign loves to choose restaurants and activities and will take offence if they don't get their way.

Adventurous and fond of escapades, they're unlikely to get along with a Cancer, who may feel anxious if they lose their bearings. However, a Sagittarius can get along very well with an Aries on vacation.

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Pisces and their absent-minded side

Pisces is very sensitive and can feel anxious when it's time to go on vacation. This zodiac sign is also a bit absent-minded, and can easily lose the key to the rental car. So always check your belongings carefully if you're going on holiday with this sign.

Pisces love wide open spaces and will be delighted to put their feet in the water. This sign won't get along with a Virgos who has planned her activities down to the last detail.

Libras and their indecisiveness

Finally, Libra is not an easy travel partner to live with, according to Elle. Very indecisive, they won't take things in hand and won't plan anything during her vacation. Sea or mountains? Libra may well find it hard to choose. This sign won't get along with a Virgo or a Scorpio, who have a strong temperament.

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Disclaimer: This article is to be taken with a pinch of salt (and not too seriously)!

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