'Magic Mountain' is the new sex position to try out

Are you familiar with the Kama Sutra position called the ‘magic mountain?’ We’ll explain why you should try it out!

The Kama Sutra contains 64 sex positions, some of which are more difficult to pull off than others! Although the ‘spinning top’ position might require a bit of practice, the one we’ll introduce you to today is quite simple, but no less exciting!

Perfect if you are feeling a little bit lazy

The ‘magic mountain’ sex position promises maximum pleasure for several reasons. First of all, this is a position which revisits doggy style, which is one of the favourite positions of couples all around the world.

Plus, the magic mountain will also satisfy those of you who are a bit lazy! So why deprive yourself of this new position?

What is the magic mountain position?

They say doggy style is perfect if you are feeling a bit lazy. With this position, you are the ‘mountain.’ Place a few cushions under your torso in order to raise yourself up slightly. Your back will curve naturally, and then your partner can enter you. The angle here is optimal for clitoral stimulation.

Your partner then lies on top of you. Your two bodies should overlap as much as possible, which creates the magic mountain… magic, and very sensual! His arms are on yours, and his torso is on your back. You become one, just like magic!

Check out our video above for more information!

 Do you fancy a 'quickie', why not try this new position? Do you fancy a 'quickie', why not try this new position?