Is Your Sexual Desire Waning? Here's How to Boost Your Libido

The lack of sexual desire has a scientific name: anaphrodesia. Here are a few tips to boost your libido!

Is Your Sexual Desire Waning? Here's How to Boost Your Libido
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Making nice dishes can boost your libido. Certain foods will have an impact on the libido because the latter is also linked to the brain, and the brain consumes a lot of energy. So we must feed it properly. Opt for beet carpaccio, passion fruit, and small arugula shoots with ginger oil. For sweet treats, try white wasabi chocolate, with a crunchy shell and almond flakes.

Spend some time with the other person

What about taking some time away from the routine? Whether you're in a relationship or not!


Take out the massage oil and then (re)discover each other with your fingertips.


Alone or in pairs, sexologist Claire Alquier explained:

Culture and art can have very positive effects; this helps to reconnect

Sleeping naked

If you prefer to sleep in pyjamas, take them off. Also, sleeping nakedcan be beneficial, as it has positive effects on body and mind.

Let's (re)start sexting!

The effects of successful sexting can also be seen as foreplay. Sexting should be messages that cause a crescendo in sexual excitement.